Elder Scrolls Necrom Brings Players Back to Morrowind
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Elder Scrolls Necrom Brings Players Back to Morrowind

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BY May 22, 2023

Are you ready to head back to Morrowind? The new Elder Scrolls expansion opens the doors to the Telvanni Peninsula. While exploring the new Elder Scrolls Necrom pack, you’ll need to fight off the lovecraftian creatures that are seizing your country. 

Elder Scrolls Necrom Pack: Trailer Details Explained

The Elder Scrolls Necrom pack just launched the trailer for the upcoming expansion. This time around, the players will return to Morrowind, more specifically, to the Telvanni Peninsula. The Telvanni Peninsula, as well as the Apocrypha, are the new features coming in this pack.

Moreover, apart from exploring these two territories, the players will have to fight on behalf of Hermaeus Mora. At the beginning of the trailer, Hermaeus gives the player a fraction of his power in order to “avert the fate” that he had foreseen. 

We, then, witness Daedra’s siege of Morrowind, and the Morrowind city under fire, spider-like demons, and other Lovecraftian creatures. In addition to fighting off Daedra’s forces, we’ll also battle yet another Daedric Prince. In the trailer for the Elder Scrolls Necrom pack, we see a looming creature with horns and flaming eyes. 

From our previous experience (for example, in Skyrim), we know not to trust Daedra. Therefore, be careful! The gods are, perhaps, trying to trick the players once again. While we’re on the topic of Skyrim, many players remember Apocrypha since then. 

In contrast to the dull, endless swamp we saw previously, the Elder Scrolls Necrom pack expands Apocrypha further. Now, it’s basically an upgraded swamp. In addition to the rocky cliff sides, we see Hermaeus Mora’s castle ruins up across the sky. 

Shadow Over Morrowind Sequel Release Date 

With Wes Johnson in the role of Hermaeus Mora once again, the Elder Scrolls Necrom pack is officially coming on June 5th. The Xbox and PS versions are coming a bit later, on June 20th. Moreover, here are some of the awesome features this new addition to the Shadow Over Morrowind franchise will include. 

Firstly, the players will travel back to Morrowind for the first time in 7 years! Moreover, this DLC will introduce a total of four new dungeons. In these dungeons, players will fight against Daedric Princes, more specifically Scribes of Mora. 

The pack will take approximately 30 hours to complete. Lastly, before downloading the latest Elder Scrolls Necrom pack, should you trust Hermaeus Mora? As we said, the trailer shows him as he ‘borrows’ his power to the players. This divine creature is neither good nor evil. Depending on the situation, it might be a good idea to have him on your side. 

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