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Did The Bethesda Xbox News Impact Pre-Orders For Series X and S?

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BY March 17, 2021

We know gamers are itching for a new console experience. There’s a good chance if you like gaming that you have your eye on PS5 or Xbox Series X. As you probably know, pre-orders can be a mess. Online servers and websites crash, consoles go too quickly, and nobody seems happy. Scalpers are already selling consoles on eBay for nearly 150% of their retail price and people are mad. Sounds like a normal console launch to me. When it comes to the PS5, people knew it’d be hard to get one. The Xbox Series X and S, however, sort of surprised a lot of us. Did the Bethesda Xbox news impact pre-orders at all, or was this meant to happen?

How Bethesda Xbox News Impacted Pre-Orders for Xbox Series X and S

Bethesda Xbox News Image Credit: Microsoft

The Bethesda news for Xbox really shook up the gaming industry. There are a lot of questions still up in the air. Will Bethesda games be Xbox exclusives in the future? How can Sony respond in a way that makes the tides turn back in their favor? The best way to approach this upcoming console war is going to be with patience. We likely won’t see major impacts on games from ZeniMax Media for a few years still. That said, it’s seemingly evident that the news did impact one thing: pre-orders.

IGN ran a poll that showed 40% of gamers said the latest Bethesda Xbox news impacted their idea of the console. That percentage believed the deal would change their willingness and desire to get a new Series X or Series S console. A lot of people already looked forward to the new consoles. This latest announcement, however, spurred more interest than ever. There’s a good chance this changes some minds, but not all. If you’re on the fence a few weeks ago, then you’re likely going PS5. Overall, many gamers just want whatever can play the best games. If you worry that things like Fallout or Elder Scrolls 6 might become exclusive, then it’s not a terrible idea to go with Xbox, especially with Game Pass.

Why Did Sony and Microsoft Pre-Orders Go So Poorly?

Bethesda Xbox News Image Credit: Sony

Xbox Series X and S pre-orders failed pretty miserably for a lot of gamers. Sony fans had a similar experience last week when trying to secure at PS5. Overall, the problem is two-fold. There simply isn’t enough console production occurring to get everyone a new console in November. Additionally, there are a lot of people who buy consoles for resale and put on huge markups to make money. Likewise, there are few websites that have the bandwidth and server power to handle a major flood of users. All in all, a perfect storm brewed for both pre-order releases.

Did you get your hands on a new PS5 or Xbox Series X or S? Tell us about your experience whether you were successful or not in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture. 

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