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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Details are Encouraging

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BY September 30, 2020

Zombies is a game mode many love from the Call of Duty series. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Zombies is set to return bigger and better than ever. In Zombies, you and a team of up to four take on hordes of the undead with exciting weapons and fun maps. The new Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode is looking like it’s going to be wonderful. Here’s what we know so far.

Details About Black Ops Cold War Zombies

black ops cold war zombies Image Credit: Treyarch

Treyarch is set to unleash a new version of Zombies. Four-player co-op is back and easier than ever thanks to cross-play. This way, you can play with your friends across platforms and find matches with strangers more easily. Cold War weapons are going to be the highlight of this version of the game mode. Still, the Zombies are calling back to the original game mode this time around. The popular mode will feature a story set in Die Maschine, a bunker not unlike the original location of Zombies. Much like Nacht der Untoten from World at War, the bunker is worn down and desolate.

Players will explore the map as a CIA group called Requiem. They’re taking on swarms of angry zombies with the help of perks, item machines, and weapons mystery boxes. There’s no longer a limit to how many different perks you can have. This means chaos will certainly follow in the best way possible.

New Features to Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies will feature field upgrades like in Modern Warfare. This offers the player abilities that help your health, stamina, or protection against hordes. You can also now find equipment and craft it too. This includes grenade launchers, bows, helicopter gunners, and more. This is like a blend of Warzone and the favorite elements of Zombies. Lastly, you can escape dire situations with the help of Exfil. The feature will give you a helicopter rescue to save your squad. If you make it out alive, then you get extra squad rewards.

Overall, the new mode is looking exciting for all. Cross-play is a gamechanger and super helpful for matchmaking. The new features also add more to the experience while keeping Zombies the mode people love. What are your takeaways? If you have any thoughts, then be sure to let us know in the comments. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and this dynamic game mode launch November 14.

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Featured Image Credit: Treyarch


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