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BioWare Drops Teaser For New Mass Effect Game At 2020 Game Awards

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BY February 11, 2021

On the heels of the announcement regarding the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Bioware delivered surprising news about the next Mass Effect game. At this year’s 2020 Game Awards, the company dropped a teaser trailer for a new chapter in the Mass Effect universe. This time the story will take place closer to home, in the Milky Way galaxy. And it also seems to promise answers to what happened in the galaxy following the events of Mass Effect 3. The teaser also gave us a glimpse of a fan-favorite character from the original Mass Effect trilogy. Everyone’s favorite blue alien love interest – Liara T’soni – is back. And she is seemingly searching for the long-lost Commander Shepard.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the new Mass Effect game, and speculate wildly on what to expect.

A Return To The Milky Way In Mass Effect


The teaser has a lot of muffled voiceover of radio transmissions that indicate some kind of battle after ‘first contact.’ There is a lot of debris floating around space that could likely be a result of the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3. But this doesn’t tell us much about what to expect from the new game. Until we see a cloaked figure headed up a snowy mountain. That figure resolves into the shape of Liara, albeit a much older version as we can see from the wrinkles around her eyes. She is in the process of digging up a familiar looking fragment of armor out of the snow. It is emblazoned with the N7 seal, the armor that Commander Shepard wore throughout the original trilogy.

New Mass Effect Game Liara Image via BioWare

So at last we return to the original setting of Mass Effect, after the last game Mass Effect: Andromeda took us to a new galaxy and gave very little information as to what happened as a result of Mass Effect 3. Although I personally enjoyed Andromeda, I have always wondered about the fallout of the third game. And now it seems we will finally get some answers, and returning characters. We can see other figures off in the distance at the end of the teaser with a ship. Will we get more returning companions from the original trilogy?

Will Andromeda Affect The New Chapter At All?

Mass Effect ANdromeda After Patch Alec Ryder Should Be Fine Image via BioWare

I do wonder how much the most recent Mass Effect game – Andromeda – will play into the new Mass Effect game however. Most of the games revolve around a new and hostile alien race that hold deep secrets to the universe. Is it possible that some of the new aliens from Andromeda will show up in a new Mass Effect game? Or will BioWare attempt to ignore the last entry into the series as much as possible, and leave it as a standalone game? If so, will this be Mass Effect 4? Or will the game have a subtitle, as is the current trend in game naming standards.

Also, given the numerous choices that affect the ending for all of the Mass Effect games, the next chapter will have to have some kind personalized history setting that keep the story consistent for players. Dragon Age: Inquisition had this feature so I expect Mass Effect will do something similar. However, they do need to make it something you do in game so players know about it right away. I’ll never forget how I forgot to customize my first DAI game and didn’t realize it until a male Hawke showed up at my keep and I was so angry about FauxHawke as I called him, when my Hawke had been a woman. I’m gonna need my FemShep please.

As of now we don’t have an official title for the next Mass Effect game, nor a release date. But we hope to know more about what is going on with Liara and friends in the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise. Stay up to date with all of the latest news by following Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!


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