Best Build in Assassin’s Creed: Ultimate Guide
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Best Build in Assassin’s Creed: Ultimate Guide

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BY June 5, 2023

With the latest release of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, as well as the upcoming open-world Mirage DLC, we bring you the guide for creating the best build in Assassin’s Creed. This will focus on features available in Origins. 

Tips for Making the Best Build in Assassin’s Creed Origins

From explaining the ability tree to giving you tips for creating the best build in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, here’s our tiny, but mighty guide to becoming a master assassin. Firstly, this installment starts with the ability tree. 

So what is the ability tree and which abilities should you opt for in the beginning? Well, the ability tree contains all the skills you need to become a great assassin. The tree itself has three branches. These are the hunter, warrior, and seer branches. 

When it comes to creating an assassin build, there is not a specific branch to follow in order to achieve this. While the seer branch focuses on the economy and tools, the hunter branch may be better. 

The hunter branch includes abilities such as chain assassination. Next, the player chooses three starting abilities. The first skill you should choose is definitely Regeneration. In addition to this healing property, the best build for assassins includes Parry and Dawn & Dusk abilities. Dawn & Dusk switches to the night mode, in which everyone is sleeping so attacks are easier. 

Moreover, the best build in Assassin’s Creed is not only based on the skills you get. It also includes tools, such as sleeping darts. Another useful tool ability to unlock early in the game is the fire bombs. Tip: Use them when you see oil ponds around you for a blast!

Ability Tree Ability Tree

Enhancing Combat & Bow Skills in AC: Origins

Perhaps the most efficient ability to include in the best build in Assassin’s Creed is Chain Assassination. This skill allows you to kill another enemy after the first one. This is very useful when there are a lot of guards around.

Apart from this skill, the player should work on their combat and bow skills. These are essential to becoming a master assassin. Firstly, combat skills include two ‘adrenaline’ skills. Adrenaline One starts the game with half of the adrenaline bar. In addition, a skill called Adrenaline 2 automatically starts with the full adrenaline bar. This is very useful in combat. 

Lastly, the hunter skills include a variety of bow abilities. These skills utilize bows as main weaponry. Depending on which bow you choose, you can enhance it in the shop later on in the game. For the best build, I suggest you start with the light bow. 

The light bow is a great tool and it requires more arrows than the rest, therefore delaying the reload. Yet another great bow is the Predator bow. This bow uses guided arrows, which, once you aim at the enemy, can’t miss. There you go, you have everything you need to create the best build in Assassin’s Creed!


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