X-Men Crossover X of Swords will be a classic, massive event this July
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X of Swords Will Be the First Major X-Men Crossover Event in the Dawn of X Era

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BY May 20, 2022

The Dawn of X panel at C2E2 just concluded, and there were some great announcements—but one announcement is sure to please X-Men fans. This July, the various X-Men creative teams are joining forces for the crossover X of Swords. X as in the number, 10. We don’t know much about X of Swords yet, but there are some clues to what the event might be.

Excalibur Writer Tini Howard and “Head of X” Jonathan Hickman are the X of Swords Masters

X of Swords, X-Men, Crossover, Dawn of X, X-Men, Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard (Image: Marvel Comics) 

The first part of the X-Men Crossover X of Swords was the writers at the helm, Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard. Obviously, since the entire Dawn of X era is his baby, Jonathan Hickman is writing a big chunk of it. Tini Howard’s involvement, however, might tell us a bit about the event. Howard currently writes Excalibur, the magical corner of the X-Men world. She also came up with the name X of Swords, which happens to be a tarot card. Tarot, magic, Excalibur—which is a mythical sword—it certainly looks like the event will revolve around magic.

X of Swords Is a Classic X-Men Crossover—Massive and Interlocking.

Wolverine, Storm, X-Men, X of Swords, Crossover, X-Men, Dawn of X (Image: Marvel Comics)

While Howard and Hickman are writing the major beats of the crossover, X of Swords will involve multiple books, for a grand total of 15 issues from various X-Men titles. That’s a big event, but for X-Men fans, this is a callback to events like X-Cutioner’s Song, or X-tinction Agenda. After 2000, we didn’t see big crossovers in the X-Men world as often. Messiah CompleX, at 13 issues, came in 2007, and Second Coming, at 14 issues, released in 2010. There were other attempts at big X-Men stories, such as Battle of the Atom, and, for some reason, two events crossing over with Guardians of the Galaxy.

But there hasn’t been a really exciting event in this style since Second Coming. July will mark one year since House of X and Powers of X debuted. X of Swords is a great way to drive the momentum into the second year of Dawn of X.

Thanks to Newsarama for some great coverage!

(Featured Image: Marvel Comics)


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