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Wash to Soar Again in Firefly Graphic Novel

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BY April 17, 2020

If you were one of the legions of Browncoats out there who was devastated by Wash’s death, then respite is coming. Boom! Studios, which has steadily been publishing new chapters to the Serenity crew’s story, is at it again. They’ve announced the release of another Firefly graphic novel. This time, it’ll focus on Wash’s life, both before and after his death.

A Brief History Before Boom: Firefly Graphic Novels Before Now

firefly graphic novel image via Dark Horse Comics

After Firefly bowed out for good with 2005’s Serenity film, the story continued in graphic novels. The stories were actually ongoing; Firefly creator Joss Whedon had wanted a story to connect the TV series and movie. So, he invited assistant-turned-writer Brett Matthews to co-write that story with him. Serenity: Those Left Behind was the result of that collaboration. A line of other miniseries and stand-alone books then followed that three-issue miniseries. Dark Horse published them all and the line ran from 2005-2017.

Boom! Studios then took over the license. Since 2018, they’ve been publishing issues under the Firefly mantle. These stories include, for example, a look back into Captain Mal’s beginnings during the War of Unification.

 Boom Determined to Make You Cry (But Not Me, I’m Stoic)

firefly graphic novel image via Boom! Studios

In an exclusive, io9 revealed that an upcoming Firefly graphic novel will be Firefly: Watch How I’ll Soar. Obviously, fans understand the reference right away, as the subtitle was (almost) pilot Wash’s last words. As such, this new issue will explore that moment as well as Wash’s life leading up to that last minute. In other words, we’ll get to watch him meet Zoe and then join Mal’s ragtag crew. And of course, then they’ll make us relive his death.

But that’s not all. It turns out that Wash isn’t alone in death, as Boom! says, “Wash will reach out to connect with a surprising someone he never thought possible…proving that some bonds transcend this mortal coil.” So, uh, who is it? Book?

Ethan Young is writing Firefly: Watch How I’ll Soar, while Jorge Corona will do the art. Boom! is expecting to publish the issue this November.

Are you looking forward to seeing Wash again? Who do you think he’ll connect with? Let us know on social media or float like a leaf on the wind into our comments.

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