Netflix's Warrior Nun Live-Action Trailer Is A YA Religious Action Series
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Warrior Nun Is The YA Religious Goth-Girl Action Series That I Didn’t Know I Wanted

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BY June 18, 2020

With Netflix churning out new original series all the time, sometimes you become used to all the new content. However, when you have the trailer for a new Netflix original series that is part religious mythology, part teenage girl histrionics, and all action, you pay attention. Netflix’s Warrior Nun live-action trailer has introductions, action, and tongue-in-cheek humour. And it looks wonderful. The new original series premieres on July 2nd. 

Warrior Nun Is A Unique Concept From Various Comic Book Appearances

Netflix's Warrior Nun live-action trailer comic book. Image via Antarctic Press

Warrior Nun Areala is a religious comic book story from Ben Dunn published by Antarctic Press. The manga-style comic book series saw limited runs, with one-shots and compiled volumes that make up the world of the story. Unlike other series, there is no one series of books, but more collected stories from various titles that flesh out the world. Premiering in 1994, the story follows a character who is basically like ‘the one’ for a fictional religious group called Order of the Cruciform Sword. The Order fights on behalf of the Catholic Church to protect the world from Hell and other evil threats to humanity. 

The series’ hero is basically the reincarnation of the original Warrior Nun, a Pagan Valkyrie who turned to Jesus Christ for Salvation. Similarly like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there is an avatar of her born into every generation to continue the fight. Actually, there’s a lot in this series that’s reminescent of Buffy. A teenage girl finding out she’s the chosen one in a fight against hell? All the while she’s just trying to figure out how to be the typical teen. But, while this show may not be as prolific as Buffy, it sounds completely badass. So an original Netflix series feels like the perfect live-action adaptation to this franchise.  

Isn’t The Idea Of A Warrior Nun Kind Of Controversial? 

Netflix's Warrior Nun live-action trailer cast. Image via Netflix.

If the title of Warrior Nun seems offensive to you, you’re not entirely alone. The comic book series was very controversial and divisive. Mixed reactions were ranging from a lot of praise to condemning the series as being blasphemous. There were accusations that Warrior Nun appropriated Christian imagery and mythology. The character design of the heroine in a Nun’s outfit with the usual comic book embellishments to the female form took the brunt of the backlash. But despite it all, the series came out the other side with more fans than detractors. Hence, the adaptation into live-action on Netflix. 

Netflix’s Warrior Nun Live-Action Trailer Is All Kinds Of Action Amazingness

Netflix’s Warrior Nun live-action trailer dropped earlier today, and it’s completely bonkers. The story seemingly veers off the comic series into a more modern-day setting. Not to mention completely omitting any objectification of nuns whatsoever. The trailer starts with a young girl named Ava, who wakes up in a morgue with powers and an ancient artifact in her back. The artifact, supposedly a real, honest-to-God Halo, given only to God’s champion. So she is basically this generation’s Warrior Nun.

With it, she unwittingly joins this special group of the Church’s military organization. So now she has to stop, what looks like a tech giant who has seemingly opened a portal to actual Heaven. Because, that’s never a good thing when it comes to evil geniuses messing with portals. Subsequently, Ava joins other fighters in God’s service like Beatrice, Lilith, Shotgun Mary, and Camila., character who are already interesting despite their one-line introduction. Together, Ava goes from everyday teen to God’s warrior, fighting evil at every turn. The kicker though, is that Ava is a nonbeliever, who presumably does not even believe in God. Oh, the heresy!

The Warrior Nun Trailer Blends Multiple Genres and Tones Into Something Great

Netflixs Warrior Nun live-action trailer team. Image via Netflix.

The Warrior Nun live-action trailer is my new favorite thing. The trailer focuses on Ava’s desire to be a normal girl, only for her to become an actual religious savior. So the premise of the show is very much Harry Potter meets Constantine. We’re introduced to this world through Ava, as she discovers her higher purpose. Literally, a higher purpose. From God. Warrior Nun has tones of a Young Adult teen drama, along with vibes that totally remind me of the Keanu Reeves starring Constantine movie. Especially the supernatural, Heaven-meets-Hell concept and storyline. The moments of lighthearted humor is so dry and witty that it’s hard not to smile at every delivery. 

The cast of characters seem great as well, all with their own potential back stories. Even the music in the trailer becomes instantly memorable and fits the on-screen shenanigans just perfectly. Not to mention, the gothic visual tone, juxtaposed with the violent, hyper-real action sequences featuring guns, swords, and high flying acrobatics is breathtaking. As a result of the Warrior Nun live-action trailer, the show just shot to the top of my most anticipated shows’ list. 

Warrior Nun premieres on Netflix on July 2nd. 

What did you think of the Warrior Nun live-action trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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