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Top 4 Apps For Comic Book Lovers

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BY April 12, 2021

With so many epic titles to choose from, comic book lovers are well and truly spoilt for choice. To enjoy the wonderful world of digital comics, you won’t want to miss out on these four nifty apps.


Marvel Unlimited

Image via Marvel Unlimited

The Marvel Unlimited app provides users with access to 20,000 + digital comics. Here you can read digital comics from series such as Guardians Of The Galaxy, Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Deadpool, The Avengers, and more. A few of the app’s key features include curated reading lists from the experts, free comics as part of the ‘fan-favorite’ series, and personalized recommendations. Using the app, you can download 12 Marvel comics at a time to read from wherever you please. You’ll find every type of comic here from old classics to new favorites. Comic book fans certainly won’t want to miss out on all the cool comics and features this app has to offer.



Image via Comixology

ComiXology is a great resource for less-mainstream comics. Here you’ll find plenty of independent publishers, manga, and niche graphic novels. You have the choice to subscribe to individual comic titles, or you can buy them as and when. The app includes a panel-by-panel view (meaning that it’s perfect for use on a smaller screen). The app also lets you read offline if you prefer, and there are some excellent ‘guided view’ features. With the guided view, you can access immersive reading features from any device you please. The app is free, and it’s such a fantastic place to discover unique new comics from up and coming comic book writers.


DC Universe 

DC Universe Layoffs Future Image via DC Universe

The DC Universe app allows users to pick from a library of 22,000+ comics; all provided via an amazing digital comic reader. Here you’ll find all your favs from Aquaman to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. You can also shop for DC merchandise and collectibles too. Looking to discuss your fav comics with some like-minded others? The DC Universe app has moderated forums where you can do just that. As well as digital comics, there are interviews, videos, exclusive articles. For all your favorite super heroes, DC Universe is just the app you need.


YAC Reader 

Image via screengrab

The YAC Reader is a fantastic way to enjoy and organize your digital comics. Formats that are supported include pdf, rar, zip, cbr, and more. It’s simple to import all of your different comics straight onto your iPad or iPhone. The YACReader also is compatible with iTunes File Sharing, so it’s simple to move comics between your YACReader and your computer. There are plenty of comic book readers to choose from, and the YAC Reader is undoubtedly one of the best!


These applications don’t just offer a great place to read comics, but they also have plenty of comic book news to keep you up to date. Did you know that Dan Mintz from DMG has talked about acquisitions for Valiant comics? Are you up to speed with the latest releases from Marvel? These apps can give you all this type of news and more!


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