Netflix's Sweet Tooth Comic Adaptation Gets Full Series Order
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The Robert Downey Jr. Produced Sweet Tooth Comic Adaptation Gets Full Series Order On Netflix

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BY February 6, 2021

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth comic adaptation is getting a full series order. The Robert Downey Jr. produced original series is finally coming to Netflix, after much back and forth between another streamer. The series initially landed at Hulu but didn’t really go anywhere. The announcement came from Downey Jr. himself, as he posted an image from the Vertigo comics series and outlined his and his production company’s involvement in the series.

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth Adapted From A Vertigo Comic Book

Netflixs Sweet Tooth comic adaptation cast Images via Vertigo Comics.

The Vertigo comic book series Sweet Tooth, written by Jeff Lemire, ran from 2009 to 2013. The comic book featured a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an unknown disease. Much of the story is from the perspective of a young boy with the physical features of a deer. The world sees many such hybrid children that are part animal among its population after the apocalypse. The boy’s father sheltered him far in the woods, away from civilization. But after his dad’s death, the boy ventures out into the world, only to discover what part he plays in the larger scheme of things. As a result, he meets more like himself who seek answers about their existence and other mysteries. Meanwhile, there are characters who are trying to find the link between these hybrid kids, and what happened to the world.

The series was very well received, containing influences from a lot of other works. Lemire created, wrote, and drew the entire thing himself. Sweet Tooth is such a blend of different genres that many have described the series as Mad Max meets Bambi. That pairing of contrasting style and tone is really what sets Sweet Tooth apart from other post-apocalyptic content. Especially considering that the Netflix adaptation is meant to be a family-friendly adventure show. I’m very curious to see how a post-apocalyptic series can also be family-friendly. 

Sweet Tooth Will Get One Full Season On Its Netflix Premiere

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth comic adaptation was originally supposed to be on Hulu. However, there was no progress beyond that initial announcement. The series stalled and then Netflix picked up the rights for the show. Robert Downey Jr. showed his support for the show on his Facebook page, announcing his production company’s involvement. The series will be going into a full season during its premiere. This shouldn’t be too surprising as Netflix’s original series usually release an entire season at once. It’s all part of the Netflix binge model experience. The series has the production company of Iron Man himself, Team Downey behind it. And it stars Christian Convery, Nonso Anonzie, Adell Akhtar and Will Forte. However, no word yet on the release date of the Sweet Tooth adaptation on Netflix just yet. 

Will you be tuning into Netflix’s Sweet Tooth comic adaptation? Let us know in the comments below. 


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