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Roxane Gay Short Story To Be Adapted Into Graphic Novel

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BY February 4, 2020

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay is venturing into graphic novel territory once again. This time she is working on an adaptation of one of her short stories into comic book form. Gay’s short story We Are the Sacrifice of Darkness was first published in her collection Difficult Women in 2017. Gay will collaborate with her good friend and fellow writer Tracy Lynne Oliver for the adaptation. Artist Rebecca Kirby and colorist James Fenner are also onboard to adapt the short story. The graphic novel titled Sacrifice of Darkness is due for release in October of 2020 from BOOM! Studios.

Sacrifice of Darkness Graphic Novel Builds Upon The Short Story By Roxane Gay

The graphic novel will expand the Roxane Gay short story. Sacrifice of Darkness revolves around a two children who finds themselves in a world devoid of light. The press release from BOOM! describes the story.

“Follow a woman and a man’s powerful journey through this new landscape as they discover love, family, and the true light in a world seemingly robbed of any. As they challenge the world’s notions of identity, guilt, and survival, they find that no matter the darkness, there remain sources of hope that can pierce the veil.”

Roxane Gay Graphic Novel Interior page from “The Sacrifice of Darkness” by Roxane Gay | Image via BOOM! Studios

Roxane Gay is no stranger to the comic book medium. She was the first lead black writer on a Marvel series. In 2016 she collaborated with author Ta-Nahesi Coates and poet Yona Harvey on a run of World of Wakanda graphic novels. She also wrote the graphic novel The Banks in 2019, about generations of a family of black women who are Chicago’s most successful thieves. Gay is best known for her intersectional feminist writing in books such as Hunger and An Untamed State.

“Some stories don’t leave you and such was the case with my short story, We are the Sacrifice of Darkness. When Boom! Studios approached me about writing a graphic novel, I immediately knew what kind of story I wanted to tell – one about family and sorrow, faith that survives in a world of darkness, true love and an indelible bond between two people with the world against them,” said Gay. “It has been a thrill to be able to bring breadth and depth to the world I created in my short story. We are excited to have this graphic novel out in the world later this year.”

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(Featured image via BOOM! Studios)


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