Rick and Morty Comic, Celebrating Issue #100
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Rick and Morty Comic, Celebrating Issue #100

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BY October 30, 2022

Rick And Morty Comic is celebrating issue #100. This is a resounding success considering that the creators never thought they would reach such a number.

The television mini-series is a resounding success, considering it’s already six seasons in, and there is a rumor that a seventh is coming. These two charismatic characters lived extravagant adventures, visiting strange worlds and facing enemies, even versions of themselves.

Oni Press saw an opportunity in this saga and decided to launch a comic book series based on the original series. Several scenes from the TV series can be seen in Rick and Morty comics, which gradually won the hearts of fans as well. 

We were able to observe the two characters on various journeys. For example, they reduced in size and went inside another person’s body to manipulate some memories in his brain. We also witnessed when they traveled to a dimension where they met medieval versions of themselves.

Now the 100th issue of this first series has just been released. The release of this collectible led to a celebration by the creators and fans of the series. This would have been thought to be the last volume to be released by Oni Press. However, the public expressed it again and announced the launching a new series in January 2023.

Rick and Morty comic, celebrating issue #100

Rick and Morty Comic Image: Oni Press

The 100th comic book of the first Rick and Morty comic series is already available today. For the saga fans, it is a reason to celebrate because it is the end of a series of adventures they enjoyed throughout the year as they came out. 

Ironically, the comic book cover shows the stress of a collector trying to put together a collection. Many fans have purchased the complete saga and can now say they have the entire comic book series. They are probably celebrating their hard work, as the comic shows on another page with the main characters happy and sipping a martini.

Others are celebrating reaching the 100th issue, considering the campaign that was carried out asking Oni Press for the continuation of the series. The original plan was that the comics would reach number 60, thus ending the comics of this franchise, or at least that is how the company planned it.

Rick And Morty poster.

When issue 60 arrived, fans began to feel their presence on social media, requesting an extension of the saga. The pressure from the public made Oni Press consider and extend it with 40 additional volumes.

The celebration has an additional cherry on top, which is the continuation of the development of the comic. Upon extension, Oni Press commented that it would go that far; however, the public again took notice. The company commented that it will start a new series in January 2023. We will have Rick And Morty comic volume 2 #1. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Television Distribution  


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