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Oscar Isaac Graphic Novel in the Works

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BY September 6, 2020

This December, you can see actor, producer, and certified heartthrob Oscar Isaac in the latest adaptation of Dune. Hopefully. But as a busy performer, that’s not the only upcoming work he has. In fact, he’s venturing outside the world of movies. No, not TV. Well, not just TV. We can also expect an Oscar Isaac graphic novel next year. It is not, though, just drawings of Oscar Isaac.

The Oscar Isaac Graphic Novel Will Be Head Wounds: Sparrow

oscar isaac graphic novel image via Legendary Comics

Despite Isaac’s Star Wars past or his Into the Spiderverse past or his stunning turn as Detective Fartman in the blockbuster classic we all know and love, Lenny the Wonder Dog, this isn’t a superhero story. Not really. According to Legendary Comics, the publisher, Head Wounds: Sparrow is more of a supernatural verging on spiritual story. In fact, it sounds like shades of Constantine, I say confidently, having never seen the movie or read the comic. But you decide. Legendary’s own description says:

Leo Guidry is a bad person and an even worse cop. When he suffers a psychic head wound, his life on the edge slips into spiritual warfare. In a landscape of angels, devils, and everything in between, can a person utterly devoid of empathy find a way to overcome the forces of darkness that have infiltrated his reality?

Isaac Will Not Actually Be Writing the Story, Though

The graphic novel is purportedly a collaboration between Oscar Isaac and his childhood friends Bob Johnson and John Alvey. However, Isaac isn’t the author or the artist. Instead, Legendary lists Isaac’s involvement as “developing” the story. If he’s merely attaching his name to the project so his friends can get more juice, though, then good for them.

While Alvey came up with the story, Johnson created the concept, drawing inspiration from a dream he had after he was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In a statement, Isaac said, “Bob Johnson has a mind and a soul like no one else. Our friendship and creative collaboration has spanned nearly three decades. I couldn’t be more excited to bring his unique and singular vision of Head Wounds: Sparrow to life with the incredible group of artists we’ve assembled.”

And speaking of those artists, Brian Buccellato (Injustice: Gods Among Us) is writing the novel. Christian Ward (Marvel’s Black Bolt) will be the artist for the book. Legendary says we can expect it early next year.

Tell us what you think of the upcoming Oscar Isaac (ish) graphic novel. Does it sound like something you’d like to read? Comment below or on our social media.

featured image via Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment


Salomé Gonstad is a freelance writer who grew up in the swampy wilds of south Alabama. When she's not yelling about pop culture on the internet, she's working on a supernatural thriller about her hometown. Also, we're pretty sure she's a werewolf. Email her at salome@comicyears.com.

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