New Upper Deck Marvel Merch Perfect for Card and Comic Fans
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New Upper Deck Marvel Merch is Perfect for Card Collectors and Comic Fans

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BY January 25, 2021

Marvel fans enjoy a lot of different ways to express and grow their fandom. A long-standing staple in comic book and pop culture is card collecting. Many modern card collecting fans fall into either two camps. Firstly, some are all about trading cards. These aren’t a part of any game or activity other than getting amazing pieces of art and collectibles for their favorite hobbies. Secondly, there are trading card game fans. Marvel fans will know that Upper Deck’s Vs. System series is one of the top games in the world right now. Not only is a ton of fun to play but the art and detail in these cards are astounding. Fans who love either of these card collecting hobbies will love the new Upper Deck Marvel merch that’s hitting shelves and online stores now.

New Upper Deck Marvel Merch Includes Playmats and Card Sleeves

Between recent movies, TV shows, and comics, Marvel is gaining more fans than ever. The Marvel fandom is expanding in fun ways, which means more exciting products are produced. Upper Deck is a mainstay in sports and pop culture fandom and is a leading way fans can further explore their hobbies and interests. Some new Upper Deck Marvel merch out now combines the visual and production quality we all know from Upper Deck with exciting new ways to collect and play.

New Playmats from Upper Deck Include Wolverine, The Avengers, and Spider-Man

Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

The three new Playmats released by Upper Deck are amazing ways to step up your Vs. System game or add a great piece to your collection. Three new options are available for $19.99 each and feature incredible visuals of Marvel favorites.

Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

The material of these Playmats is top-notch and feature a lot to love for card collectors and comic fans. These mats are 24” x 13.5” and feature a great rubber backing to prevent movement on top of a table. Seeing this Upper DeckSpider-Man Playmat in person feels like getting an up-close view of Spidey himself.

Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

Each mat features all-new original art that embodies some of the greatest Marvel characters in the company’s history. Upper Deck chose some amazing characters to feature this time around, including this classic look for the Wolverine Playmat.

new upper deck marvel merch Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

Fans who came to love Marvel through the MCU will be happy to find a great Thanos Playmat to add to their game gear. These mats don’t feature any specific layout for a single game, so you can use them for any card game or tabletop adventures you love to take on with friends.

Protect Your Cards in Style with New Marvel Sleeves

Any card collector knows that keeping your favorites in pristine condition is a must. The new Upper Deck Marvel merch lineup also includes new Sleeves to match the Playmats.

New Upper Deck Marvel Merch Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

Each sleeve is 66mm x 91mm to fit standard trading cards. The back graphic is visually appealing and features Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Thanos options to match your Playmat.

New Upper Deck Marvel Merch Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years

The front of each card is easily visible and protected by a clear, matte finish. The finish itself helps keep glare from table lights from blinding the player or collector. This way, if you bring them to a match of Vs. System, then you can ensure you can read all the cards on the table.

New Merch from Upper Deck Available Now

If you’re a Marvel fan or card collector, these new Upper Deck Marvel options are must-haves. The quality of products from Upper Deck is always a given, but the art of these new products really raises the bar. Explore the latest products from Upper Deck’s games and collectibles lineup here.

Merch was provided by Upper Deck for the purposes of this review.

Featured Image Credit: Taylor Bauer/Comic Years


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