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Most Expensive Comic Book Collection Uncovered by Metro Detroit Man

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BY March 28, 2023

Comic Books are one of the most popular collector items in the world. It makes sense, too. Each series has unique art style, plots, and—naturally—rarity. That’s why the most expensive comic book collection is a discussion for days.

That said, one Detroit family could own the true “most expensive” collection. Last weekend, CBS News Detroit covered the subject. Turns out, someone managed to hoard countless dollars in comics.

And, it was all without his family’s knowledge.

Today, we’re spoiled for choice. We have new releases, like Sins of the Salton Sea. And, there are quirky characters, like Spider-Punk. But, the real value comes with traditional issues, like Justice League.

So, what’s the deal with Detroit’s millionaire collection?

Hoarding turning into a millionaire comic book collection

comic book toys You never know what the most random stuff can be worth. (Image credit: CBS News Detroit)

According to the report, a man in Metro Detroit amassed thousands of comic books and items. The family claims it was a hoarding obsession that led him to collect everything. Among that, of course, there were comic books and toys.

You can watch the full coverage below:

However, it was just a mental problem for his family. Of course, many can also argue that. After all, it was just one man keeping everything he found. It quickly became a problem within the family.

Years later, the result of his hoarding is a millionaire comic book collection.

The tragic story behind the most expensive comic book collection

most expensive comic book collection The story behind this specific book is more endearing than Iron Man’s origins. (Image credit: CBS News Detroit)

It sounds like a fun story, right? The most expensive comic book collection is the result of seemingly random hoarding. You can almost picture the family laughing together as they figure it out.

Sadly, it’s not like that.

According to the mother and son, it was a serious problem. It constantly created family problems. Eventually, it led to their divorce. Plus, the “collection” was an overall shameful side of the family.

That’s in their own words, too. They were once ashamed of the most expensive collection. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Eventually, that shame turned into pride. However, it was too late. They only realized the collection’s value after the father’s passing.

From random boxes to lying in safes

comic book safe The collection went from shameful to a proud family possession. (Image credit: CBS News Detroit)

That said, the most expensive comic book collection is a source of joy. Mind you, that’s not just true for the family. The son takes this collection around the world and shows it to comic book enthusiasts.

According to him, it’s surprising how the collection makes others happy. He’s even started to auction some of the items. I can’t tell you how much they’ve sold for. Likewise, there’s no way to know the overall collection’s worth.

But, you can see some of the comic books in his collection. Yet, he does show some of the items. Only counting those, we can estimate hundreds of thousands. I only hope his late father knows how much value he gathered.

Featured Image Credit: CBS News Detroit.



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