Who Is The Spot, Spider-Man's Interdimensional Traveller Enemy
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Who Is The Spot, Spider-Man’s Interdimensional Portal Traveller Enemy

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BY June 3, 2023

You may not know this villain. His name is The Spot. This character from the American Marvel Comics will soon achieve great popularity. The malevolent Dr. Jonathan Ohnn will be the villain of the new animated film Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse.

After conducting an experiment gone wrong on the orders of Kingpin, it ended up being a phenomenon. Quintessentially, the character is an enemy of the much-loved superhero Spider-Man.

Among The Spot’s abilities, we can open interdimensional portals, travel long distances instantly, and have other powers on a lesser scale. All to commit his heinous crimes.

The Spot (Marvel Comics) Publication History

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Meet the bizarre villain The Spot | GamesRadar+ Image: Marvel Comics

Dr. Jonathan Ohnn was first seen in Spectacular Spider-Man #97. By issue #98, this character became The Spot. Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe created him.

From this point on, the character of The Spot appears in several comic book events, such as in:

  • Civil War: War Crimes. The Stain was recruited by Hammerhead, forming part of this army of supervillains. But, with the attack of Iron Man and the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, it is unknown if he is in prison with other villains.
  • 11 MODOK. The Spot appears as part of the MODOK team. The purpose was to steal a weapon that gave a power source called Hypernova. A mercenary-like version of The Spot is seen going with the highest bidder.
  • Brans New Day from Amazing Spider-Man. The Spot of the Spot meets at the “Bar with no name”.
  • Amazing Spider-Man. In this version, the Spot has a son who has been injured, he is in a coma. All derived from a shooting while he was in an atomobile. La Macha begins to take revenge by killing members of the Russian mafia.
  • Dark Reign. The Spot is shown, as part of other supervillains who are part of the syndicate called Capucha. Where he is seen serving as a mole to the Negative Semor, a villain who has Dark Force powers. This he does under the promise of being cured.
  • Origin of Species. We see Spot with other supervillains invited by Doctor Octopus. The purpose was to join his team, in exchange for them securing some specific items for him.
  • In Marvel NOW! By 2016, Spot is seen kidnapping Jessica Jones, where he smashes her into an unknown van.

The Spot Character History

Who Is The Spot? Spider-Man Villain 🕷🕸 #SHORTS - YouTube Image: Marvel Comics

The story tells in Spectacular Spider-Man #98. Dr. Ohnn wished to achieve radiation levels of the superhero Cloak. To reproduce, he artificially his powers for the crime lord.

Everything is going great with the project. It was hard work that cost him several sleepless nights. Through the power of this, he managed to create a solid black circular portal, which led to a general blackout of the entire city.

Thus, things got out of control. Jonathan ended up moving to another dimension, light and darkness. He woke up floating in another dimension, which he thought was Cloak’s dark dimension.

It was not, and because there was little energy, the same portal sent him to a different dimension, with half darkness and light. Here I could see different portals leading to multiple universes. To get out, he began swimming, finding the original portal.

While it is true, Jonathan finds his way back home. The long stay in these other dimensions takes its toll. Jonathan undergoes a radical transformation. His skin is affected, adhering to him some of the portals. As a result, his appearance changes, showing white skin full of black dots; thus, The Spot is born.

When Jonathan realizes that the dots are portable warps, he realizes he could use them to defeat anyone. Thus, he first uses his powers with Spider-Man and Black Cat.

When these two superheroes were about to confront Kingpin, this supervillain, who called himself The Spot, appeared. Spider-Man, dismissed his powers by mocking. What brought the first victory to this villain in this first confrontation.

In a second confrontation, Spider-Man manages to defeat The Spot when he was tricked into using his points as weapons, leaving him without defense. Because of this, The Spot looked for a way to organize his own team.

The Spot Team from Marvel Comics

Marvel: Nueva imagen de Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse muestra a Miles peleando con Spot | Código Espagueti Image: Marvel Comics

Thus, he collected a temporary team from Kangaroo, Grizzly and Gibbon. He gave it the name of Spider-Man Revenge Squad, or better known as the Legion of Losers.

The team was short-lived in prowess. It fell apart when Spider-Man intervened by taking the Spot and Kangaroo to jail for robbing banks. The other members, Gibbon and Grizzly ended up quitting. They didn’t agree to take a more ruthless approach.

Some time later, The Spot was captured by the Gideon Trust. Being forced to open a portal to the Negative Zone. This organization sought to explore the zone for their own purposes. But their plans were not carried out, they were defeated by the Fantastic 4 who were trapped in the Negative Zone.

The Taint throughout its history has experienced several deaths, such as the one brought about by Tombstone. But, reviving again at another time. He achieves this thanks to the way he manages the different warps.

In this way, te Spot Enemies are:

  • Spider-Man
  • Daredevil
  • Yuuka Johnson
  • Henry Korfiatis
  • Andrew Thopson
  • Song – Yun
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Amphibian Man
  • Wonder Man
  • Loki
  • Baron Mordo
  • Sylvie
  • Moon Knight
  • America Chavez
  • Baron Zemo
  • Venom

The Spot Powers and Abilities

Spider-Man meets 'The Spot' (Spectacular Spider-Man#99 - Feb, 1985) - 9GAG Image: Marvel Comics

The Spot can use his spatial distortions at his discretion. To do so, he moves himself or any other person or thing by means of the Spot. Also, if he wishes, he can move only parts of his body from one area to another.

These movements can be done at theoretically unlimited distances, using for this purpose the dimension called “Spot World”. Perhaps, this fact is the best explanation for the many deaths suffered and their consequent revivals.

This villain has the ability to manipulate and control the warps almost to any degree he wants. Managing to shrink or expand it to any size, he can also join several points and form a much larger warp.

The Spots found on this villain’s skin, can be manipulated. Unaffected by gravity, they can hover in the air, or be placed on a surface.

Likewise, it can designate different points that will instantly lead from one dimension to another. As if that were not enough, The Spot can create new points, or close them if it so desires. He does this by pulling the warp behind him or, failing that, making a silent “point” sound.

When he concentrates, the Taint, manages to return to his former human appearance. When he manages to do this, The Spot merge, forming a large black void in his chest. Which he can easily cover by putting on a shirt.

The Spot Attack Method

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Producers on New Villain Image: Marvel Comics

This supervillain’s method of attack is to surround his opponent with an infinite number of spots. Thus he hits and kicks them at will, from different unexpected angles at great distances.

Ability that makes him a good opponent against Spider-Man. Since, despite the superhero has his spider-sense, he becomes unable to detect attacks coming from another dimension.

But, for example, with Daredevil, who also has superhuman sense, this attack does not work for him. Since, he has a radar sensor that easily detects when The Spot’s body teleports.

This character can also use his spots to move them and prevent physical attacks. Thus, it protects his body from any kick or punch. It renders the attack harmless, making it pass through a warp.

The Spot Other Versions

REVIEW: Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4 Breaks Some Hearts...and Bones - WWAC Image: Marvel Zombies

In other versions we have The Spot in:

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

In the version we have in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, we see Dr. Jonathan Ohnn in the form of The Spot. He is present in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, alongside other heroes who survived the Zombie plague.

Ultimate Marvel

In Ultimate Spider-Man #111, we can see the definitive version of Spot. But, not much is known about him, only that his name is Frank and he works at Roxxon Industries, where an accident occurred that gave him his powers.

The Spot, in this version has similar powers to his 616 counterpart, where he can also use his “spots” on his body to attack his opponents at long distances. After provoking a fight with Spider-Man, he was arrested.

The main difference between the Ultimate Marvel version and his 616 counterpart is how the spots flow through his body. In the former, his spots flow as if they were lava, in the latter, they are completely still.

For some illustrators, this supervillain is not drawn as if he were a Dalmatian like the pattern. When he is drawn through pencil, his white figure is kept white and covered with spots of black ink.

Spider-Man: Renew your Vows

In Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, an alternate reality is shown. Here Peter and Mary Jane continue their marriage. And also, the Secret Wars story is shown for the first time.

The Spot, in this story, is one of the few remaining free beings with natural powers. All this after the powerful Regent will try to capture all beings with power, in order to absorb their abilities.

The Regent’s idea, from the beginning, was to have the abilities of others to challenge the Evil God Emperor. The Spot, in effect managed to escape. However, he left parts of himself along the way, leaving obvious gaps.

Which means that every time he uses one of his blobs, he takes more of what’s left of his body with him. Despite this, he sacrifices a hole to save Spider-Man’s entire family, after the attack of the Sinister Six. Likewise, in another he hides the Sandman, so that later the resistance can attack the Regent.

The Spot In Other Media

Quién es The Spot? ¡El nuevo villano de Spider-Verse 2! - Fuera de Foco Image: Marvel Comics

In other media, The Spot appears in:


On television, we can see The Spot in several programs, such as:

  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The character of The Spot appears being played by Oliver Muirhead. In this episode, we see the dismissal of Dr. Jonathan Ohnn by Tony Stark. All this is because of the work involved, the creation of dimensional portals.
  • Spider-Man. The Spot is voiced by Crispin Freeman, in the episode “Bring on the Bad Guys”. Here, he is another of the supervillains who wants to capture Spider-Man for a bounty. In the episode “Brans New Day”, The Spot is imprisoned in The Cellar, a special prison for supervillains.


In the movies, The Spot will be one of the many characters in the film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Man. Dr. Jonathan Ohnn is shown as a rather particular character, who makes him a villain with evil powers.

In this way, for 2023, the Spot is expected to face Miles Morales. So everything indicates that he will make his life a real hell. All this because of the powers and abilities that his creators Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe gave to this supervillain. Not only does he know the multiverses very well, but he also controls them.

The Spot thus becomes a real threat to all the heroes of New York. Among them are Daredevil and Spider-Man, who have already had several confrontations against this villain.

In this upcoming animated film is expected to voice the interpreter Jason Schwartzman. That next to other interdimensional villains will be a real adversaries for several of the known superheroes.

The Spider-Man Enemy Interdimensional Portal Traveller 

What Are the Spot's Powers? He Shows up in 'Across the Spider-Verse' Image: Sony

This villain, The Spot, is expected to fight against Spider-Man. In this new adventure, the actor Miles Morales will have his nemesis on the big screen. So it is understandable the enthusiasm of many fans.

Among the most outstanding powers of this supervillain is the ability to manage between dark portals in order to move people or things. This is thanks to the fact that with the bad experiment carried out. His skin was affected by stains that allowed him to do these actions at will.

The enemy par excellence of The Spot is Spider-Man, but he has faced other superheroes, such as Daredevil. He has demonstrated in the comics a fighting ability that is given by his ability to pass through the different portals. This makes this villain a worthy specimen to be taken with great care.

Image: Sony Pictures


I am a circus aerialist influenced by Dick Grayson and Spider-Man. Fortunate to write about the characters that inspired me. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in International Trade.

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