Spider-Punk, The Anarchist "With Great Power Comes No Future"
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Who is Spider-Punk? The Arachnid Anarchist “With Great Power Comes No Future”

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BY June 9, 2023

What would happen if we were to add some anarchy to the Spider-Man character? The answer is Spider-Punk, a variant that fights a battle beyond power and responsibility. In 2015 Marvel Comics gave life to this anarchic and punk. This one was to provide an alternative version of Spider-Man .

Although this characterization may not be too famous, it is quite interesting. Its creators intended to give an antihero tone to the arachnid. So let’s see what brings us this teenager characterized by his foul-mouthed and rebelliousness.

Spider-Punk Publication History

Spider-Punk Brings the Fun to Marvel's Spider-Geddon (Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 Review) - IGN Image: Marvel Comics

Spider-Punk’s first appearance was in 2014 in the Spider-Verse event in 2015, specifically during The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10. In these years, Dan Slott, its creator, was the main writer of Spider-Man. 

The creative achieved successes that Marvel had not recorded for years, and he is considered the father of the Spider-Verse. For his part, the artist Olivier Coipel came to this design by chance while looking for a British version of the character called Spider-UK. The artist took ideas from British punk to give this aesthetic to the character, bringing him closer to the final design of Spider-Punk. 

But there was no consensus, so they focused on calling the character “all punk.” However, based on the idea of the original character’s design, it gave a plus to the current version.

Spider-Punk: Character’s Biography

Spider-Punk Reading Order (Hobie Brown) - Comic Book Treasury Image: Marvel Comics

The character introduced by Marvel Comics is a teenager named Hobie Brown. Who became a Spider-Punk, after being bitten by a spider irradiated by the illegal dumping of waste.

He proclaimed himself Spider-Punk and began a fight for freedom alongside his allies. These allies are Captain Anarchy, a version of Captain America named Karl Morningdew, and the Hulk, in his version of Robbie Banner. One of his most prominent roles was leading the Spider Army against President Osborn’s regime.

Hobart Brown used his spirit as a “radioactive suicide machine,” thus supporting the underprivileged classes. These were the classes the regime wished to eradicate, in the name of America’s “strength”. 

Due to its unexpected success, Spider-Punk played a fundamental role. Let’s look at its different stages: 


Spider-Punk is the real hero of 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' | Mashable Image: Marvel Comics

In the Earth-138 version of Spider-Man’s “Spider-Verse” story, it is revealed that this character is Hobart Brown. He was initially operating as a Spider-Punk.

The comics introduce Hobart as a homeless teenager. A bite from a spider irradiated by toxic waste gave him his powers. The superhero appeared in a landfill sponsored by a version of Norman Osborn, who on this earth is President.

This is how he begins his adventure, becoming Spider-man, but inspired by punk rock. In this way, he begins his leadership of the oppressed of New York against Osborn’s V.E.N.O.M. troops.

Spider-Punk kills Osborn during a riot when he hits the President with his guitar. After this event, Spider-Punk appeared before the crowd as his savior.

Of course, the above gave him merit. So, later, Spider-Punk was recruited by Superior Spider-Man. Who was Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker. Thus he sought to join the army of Spider-Men.


The story of “Spider-Geddon,” shows how Spider-Punk fights against Thunderstrike. At the same time, the other Warrior Webs dismantle Loomworld. By this time, Spider-Punk was already calling himself Spider-Man. At the same time, he managed to defeat Thunderstrike.

In the fight, Spider-Punk tells Eric Masters to message Red Skull about taking over the Bowery. But, Kang the Conglomerator (a version of Kang The Conqueror) manages to reduce him to a skeleton, stating that in the future, he will acquire the rights to his name, which will be used by his company KangCo.

Kang then attacks Spider-Punk, and the latter uses some dolls to counterattack. Needing to get away from Spider-Punk, he seeks help from Captain Anarchy, asking for a tape. At that moment the Captain is very busy fighting against the Annihilation Wave that emerges in Harlem from the Negative Zone.

Amid the battle, the Spider-Punk dolls inadvertently eat Captain Anarchy’s ribbon. Being finally defeated by Kang, he disappears next to the Hulk. Appearing Spider-Girl, and warning that something big is about to happen, so Spider-Punk goes with her.

This character of Spider-Punk, is characterized by having formidable spider powers. Using these he manages to recruit Miles Morales to confront Superior Octopus. The event occurs when it is discovered that the cloning machine was made from the heirs’ technology. Upon discovering this, they try to warn Superior Octopus, but it is too late. The Inheritors began to emerge and annihilated Spider-Man and Spider-OK. Thus Spider-Punk and Superior Octopus team up to kill the Inheritors.

Spider-Punk Powers and Abilities

Spider-Punk #1 introduces the Spider-Band as they overthrow the government with the power of rock and roll | GamesRadar+ Image: Marvel Comics

Among the powers and abilities of Spider-Punk, we find:

  • He has an arachnid physiology. This is very similar to that of Spider-Man, so he has powers that are proportional to a spider’s. Having radioactive enzymes with mutagenic compounds in his blood gave Hobbie many changes, which came with certain powers.
  • He possesses superhuman strength. Like Spider-Man, Spider-Punk can lift to 10 tons of weight. In addition, he has the ability to jump several meters high, managing to swing through a web. Also, he can contain blows by controlling his strength. He rarely uses 100% of it, unless the enemy warrants it.
  • He has superhuman speed. Both his reflexes and speed far exceed those of a normal human being in perfect physical condition. He can move faster than bullets, which he can intercept with his webs.
  • He possesses superhuman agility. Spider-Punk can resist fatigue and exhaustion for hours and days. Likewise, his durability exceeds that of a normal human being. This is since his tissues are tougher, allowing him to resist physical damage and attacks.
  • He has superhuman reflexes. Spider-Punk’s reflexes and movements allow him to dodge almost any object thrown at high speeds. Thanks to his reflexes, combined with his agility and speed, along with his spider sense, he escapes from any attack.

Superhuman Abilities

  • He possesses superhuman resistance. Spider-Punk’s own musculature makes him less tired than any normal human being. While he is performing physical activities, he can push himself much harder. He is able to last longer periods before feeling fatigue.
  • He can climb walls. Because of Hobie’s mutation in his brain due to the radioactive spider’s bite, he can mentally control the flow of interatomic attraction. This means that he can manage the molecular boundary of surfaces. This overcomes the normal repulsion of electrons and gives it that incredible adhesion. This ability is focused, for now, only on his hands and feet.
  • He possesses a spider sense. Spider-Punk as Spider-Man has an extrasensory sense or also called spider-sense. With it he can foresee the potential dangers that will come to him. Before anything happens, he feels a tingling at the back of his head. So far it is still being determined where this power comes from. But, it is a response to various clairvoyant phenomena, warning you within milliseconds of events occurring. By the intensity of the tingling, you can tell the magnitude of the danger.


Spider-Punk’s equipment is only an electric guitar. With which he can induce electromagnetic energy. In this way, he manages to convert the vibrations of its metal strings into electrical signals. The character also uses it as a weapon against his opponents.

Spider-PunkIn Other Media

Spider-Man: Todas las apariciones en cine y televisión del Merodeador, clasificadas | Cultture Image: Marvel Studios

In other media Spider-Punk appears in:


This character has few television appearances, perhaps because of his recent creation. We see him in a cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six. Drake Bell, with a cockney accent, voices him.

Spider-Punk is one of the alternate reality versions of Spider-Men. This appears in the episode “Return to the Spider-Universe, Part 4.” Here, Spider-Men is kidnapped by Wolf Spider’s interdimensional power siphon upon the arrival of Spider-Boy, Spider-Man, and Spider-Gwen.


In the cinema, Spider-Punk will appear in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The actor who will play him will be Daniel Kaluuya. What has been corroborated by The Hollywood Reporter. The actor will be part of the voices of the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe.

Video Games

In video games, he appears in:

  • Spider-Man Unlimited.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man has included a Spider-Punk costume in the story.

Spider-Punk, With Great Power, Comes No Future

Marvel Introduces Punk Spider-Man In Spider-Verse Image: Marvel Studios

Spider-Punk’s free spirit and solid anarchist character make him very appealing. He uses rock to eliminate the oppression of the army led by President Norman Osborn. Marvel gave creative freedom to his creators, whose work was so good that the character was present throughout the Spider-Verse event.

The creation of Spider-Punk was an artistic writing twist for the character. This arachnid rebel gave his followers a fresh and lighthearted version that was far removed from the repetitive version of our beloved Peter Parker. 

According to the stages of the character, his intervention is fundamental for developing other superheroes’ stories. For all this, this young African-American, bitten by a radioactive spider, will bring us more stories in the future. In fact, Daniel Kaluuya is expected to appear with his voice in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Featured Image Via Marvel Comics 



I am a circus aerialist influenced by Dick Grayson and Spider-Man. Fortunate to write about the characters that inspired me. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in International Trade.

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