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Who Is Jimmy Hudson? Wolverine’s Son!

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BY June 28, 2022

Jimmy Hudson is a little-known character in the Marvel universe. However, we are sure you are familiar with his father. He is the son of Magda Lensherr and Wolverine, biological parents, but James Hudson, an engineer at Am-Cam, raised him.

Wolverine, which you surely know, is one of the most famous characters of the Marvel Universe, in the times of X-Men. He fought in combat in the Iraq war alongside James Hudson, to whom he entrusted his son, Jimmy Hudson when he was born.

Who is Jimmy Hudson?

Who Is Jimmy Hudson? Image: Marvel Comics

Jimmy Hudson is a little-known character, but join us in this article as we will tell you everything you need to know. We tell you about the character’s origin, biography, powers and abilities, armaments, and the different appearances. Read us!

Origin and biography

Ultimate X Image: Marvel Comics

Jimmy Hudson’s character was born in a foster home, where he changed his last name from Howlett to Hudson. The boy grew up without having the slightest idea of his mutant lineage, although he constantly felt different from the others. The first appearance that Jimmy Hudson’s character makes is in the sequel Ultimatum Comics, where all his past exploited, exploiting positive aspects of a good upbringing.

In this phase, Wolverine joins a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. team to get the Mothervine formula, a serum that caused mutant birth. Still, an independent spy defeated him. It turned out to be the ex-wife of the mutant terrorist, Magda Lensherr.

In this plot, Magda injects herself with the formula before having sex with Wolverine, becoming pregnant, and subsequently giving birth to their son Jimmy. The mother entrusted her only son to his father before disappearing, who, as we already said, entrusted him to James Hudson and his wife Heather, raising him as their son.

In Ultimate X, many years passed. Wolverine dies, and the United States takes extreme measures against mutants, ordering their arrest and killing if they resisted. This phase is where Jimmy develops his abilities.

Family secretly guarded Jimmy’s origins until his high school days. But, it wasn’t until drag racing he would tip over and explode. Even though it was a severe accident, he was still alive and injured, healing quickly. That is where he began to develop his abilities.

This discovery made his human girlfriend reject him. Later, Kitty Pryde contacted this character by employing a box that Logan possessed. This box emitted a holographic message revealing who his father was. Then, Jimmy looks for Jean Grey, a former X-Men, to start recruiting mutants.

In Ultimate Comics: X-Men

Wolverine Image: Marvel Comics)

Next, in Ultimate Comics: X-Men, we see an angry Jimmy, who goes out into the world looking for answers, leaving his team behind, feeling captured by the Purifiers, who were nothing more than Paramilitaries who hated mutants. In that, he manages to escape and free as many mutants as possible. This chapter of the story culminates with him granting freedom to the mutants in Utopia; Jimmy is one of the twenty mutants who did not accept the cure.

In Wolverine from Ultimate Comics, Black Box appears with Jimmy. He’s leaving Utopia due to a message Black got hidden in a message left from Logan for Jimmy, where he makes the revelation of a map where many mutant sleeper agents are scattered around the world and contain Mothervine.

Black and Jimmy arrive in Florida and discover the truth about this project, where they were attacked by Black Ops, being saved by Quicksilver, Magneto’s son, so he turns out to be Jimmy’s half-brother by Magda Lensherr, their mother. She prevents them from killing each other because Jimmy refuses to follow Quicksilver’s plans.

Jimmy Hudson in World War X

Who is Jimmy Hudson Image: Marvel Comics

Jimmy returns to Utopia, participating in the events of World War X and what was the invasion of Galactus, events that occurred when he was with the X – Men displaced in time, being in the Marvel Prime Universe. Before the final incursion came to the Universe, Earth – 1610 and Earth – 616 caused a destructive cosmic collision. After The Marvel Multiverse and The Secret Wars, their worlds were rebuilt.

Secret Wars followed this story, Hudson being one of the member characters in the time of the X-Men of the Marvel Universe. In this universe, Jimmy and several mutants were captured and experimented on by Miss Sinister, causing amnesia in him.

Subsequently, in X-Men Blue, Miss Sinister brainwashes the other mutants in the team of enforcers, “The New Marauders.” But, thanks to her superpower, she defies control because of her resistance to telepathy, escaping from it.

In this facet, we see Jimmy full of maturity, fighting for his life. Then, he meets members of the X-Men, who are displaced in time, to be rescued from the New Marauders sent by Miss Sinister, who seeks at all costs to recruit him.

Back to Madripoor

Jimmy Hudson Image: Marvel Comics

He is then taken by the X-Men back to Madripoor, their headquarters, making them his team members. In this story, The Secret Empire, the team incurs rebellion against the government led by New Tian, a fact that occurs after the takeover of Hydra in the United States.

Emma Frost appears on the scene and sends a group of mutants to attack the team, which is captured, but Jimmy and Jean manage to escape, regrouping later to plan the next move. At this point, they are rescued by Danger, who misleads Emma’s forces through holograms.

The interdimensional invasion on Earth happened when the poisonous hive attacked this planet. Several superhumans join the force of the symbiotes. Still, the poison consumes the body it is injected into, assimilating the powers, memories, and abilities. In this case, Jimmy was affected, but thanks to one of his superpowers, he manages to win the internal battle recovering his consciousness and defeating the consciousness of poison, recovering his memories, ceasing to be the last Poison on Earth.

Despite the brutal battle, where his half-brother, Daken, is sent by Magneto to kill him, managing to flee, Jimmy does not wish, despite fully recovering his conscience, to continue with the X – Men Blue team, trying to find his place in the world.

The whole trajectory and adventure culminate with the last issue of X-Men Blue, returning in secret, preventing Sebastian Shaw from attacking Jean Grey and Cyclops.

Powers and Abilities

Who Is Jimmy Hudson? Image: Marvel Comics

Jimmy Hudson’s powers and abilities are similar to those of his father. So he possesses:

  • Thanks to the accelerated healing factor, the ability to regenerate destroyed and damaged tissues quickly. In addition, he can withstand various drugs, toxins, diseases, and wounds, although the full extent of this power is unknown.
  • He has immunity to telepathic attacks, mental attacks, and probing from people like the famous telepaths Miss Sinister and Jean Grey.
  • He possesses three claws on his forearms, made of his father’s retractable bone. Which he can cover with organic steel, an ability similar to Colossus. This ability allows him to seriously damage powerful characters such as Wendigo, being able to resist the optic blasts emitted by Cyclops.
  • He can crawl on walls, make shape changes, and generate organic webs.
  • In addition, he is an expert in martial arts and can easily fight hand-to-hand due to his incredible talent.
  • He also possesses superhuman strength, endurance, agility, senses, reflexes, and longevity.
  • It also possesses immunity to diseases. Thanks to having an efficient immune system, disorders, infections, and terrestrial diseases cannot affect it.
  • He can secrete a poison that helps to increase his natural abilities.
  • He can change its shape, and manipulate its claws to its liking. He can also turn them into tentacles and generate spikes on its body.

Among his abilities, he has superhuman senses, which allows him greater precision than humans. It can detect any sound invisible to humans. He can also see at a distance quite far away and with clarity. Unlike the human eye, it can recognize objects and people by smell. It can also track without problem any target. He does that through the use of smell, no matter if climatic factors or time eroded it.


Jimmy Hudson Jr.’s character has no weapons except for his two sets of three claws, which are retractable bones coated with a metallic alloy.

Jimmy Hudson’s appearances

Appearances of Jimmy Hudson there have not been a lot. We will mention the ones we know about:

In the comics

Jimmy Hudson Image: Marvel Comics)

In the Ultimate comics #1, in 2010, he appeared for the first time as Jimmy Hudson Jr. Comic book created by Arthur Adams and Jeph Loeb. Then, he makes another appearance in the Ultimate Comics Wolverine #4 in 2013 as Wolverine.

On Television

This character hasn’t had TV appearances yet. We are waiting to see what Marvel release about this controversial mutant.

As you can see, Jimmy Hudson, in terms of powers and abilities, is similar to his father, Wolverine. Except that he grows his organic metal, just like Colossus does.

While it is true that Jimmy Jr. has similarities to his father, unlike him, he did not grow up in harsh conditions. However, he adapts to adversity. He stands out as a teenager who still requires guidance about life. Hudson also has a great capacity to learn from people.

The general public does not know Jimmy Hudson Jr., Perhaps because of his few appearances. However, Marvel may surprise us with upcoming movies where Wolverine’s son takes part.

Although, those who know about this Marvel world catalog Jimmy Hudson Jr. as the forgotten son of Wolverine, we still have to wait and see. What began with a strange secondary mutation, and Jimmy fulfilling the role of Wolverine, now has a life of its own. How will the subsequent manifestations of his superpowers be? Most likely they will return stranger than ever.

Featured Image Via Marvel Comics 



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