Who Is Hawkeye, A Full Guide Inside Marvel's Greatest Marksman
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Who Is Hawkeye, A Full Guide Inside Marvel’s Greatest Marksman

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BY January 10, 2023

Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, better known as Hawkeye, is another fictional character from the American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

His creators were the writer Stan Lee and the artist Don Heck. The character’s first appearance was in September 1964, when he was a supervillain in Tales of Suspense in the number 57. Then, in May 1965 he changed his whole plot, when he joined the Avengers where he served as a superhero, in The Avengers number 16.

Currently, the character is having quite an important influence in the MCU. He even has his series on Disney+ called Hawkeye. Since joining the Avengers team, he has played a pivotal role.

Unfortunately, for this January 1, 2023, the actor who plays Hawkeye role, Jeremy Renner, suffered a serious accident when a snowplow hit him. News about his recovery is still awaited.

Who is Hawkeye (Clint Barton)?

10 Ways Hawkeye Is Different In The Comics Image: Marvel Comics

Clint Barton is Hawkeye, who lost his parents at a very young age in a sad car accident. This led him and his brother to live their first years in an orphanage. After six years in the place, they decided to run away, to be part of the Carson Wonders Traveling Carnival.

There he managed to acquire skills as an archer, becoming an attraction of the carnival. Here he became a master archer with the nickname “Hawkeye”. Others knew him as “The World’s Greatest Marksman“.

Hawkeye then went through several circuses, including Rigmaster’s and Coney Island. At the latter, he saw Iron Man in action, inspiring him to become a costumed hero. After his first appearance, there was a misunderstanding, and he was labeled a criminal and accused of theft.

Trying to flee, he ran into the Black Widow, immediately falling in love with her and following her in her wanderings. Therefore, he was her accomplice in stealing the technology created by Tony Stark, where the Black Widow was seriously injured. 

This led Hawkeye to rescue her and flee to save her life. Sometime later she disappeared, this made the character go from villain to hero, deciding to become a “straight shooter”.

Character biography

Hawkeye Is Undeniably Marvel AND DC's Greatest Hero Image: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye’s character develops in several stages. Each one marked for better or worse his character, developing his own character.


At this stage, Hawkeye is already tainted, and considered a villain. But, when he comes to the aid of Edwin Jarvis and his mother, rescuing them from an assault, he receives an invitation to be part of that team. This led this character to perform actions to clear his name. In addition, he had to gain the trust of the whole team.

His former enemy, Iron Man, became his sponsor. Tony Stark observed his need for change to be a true hero. Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver were part of what was called the second incarnation of the Avengers.

During this time, he had to learn to control his impulses and respect authority. For that, he had to leave behind quarrels, for example, with Captain America, who considered him his mentor and friend. His adventures in the team have been varied, undeniable his performance as a partner and leader, despite his past.

Marriage with Mockingbird

Hawkeye and mockingbird | Marvel hawkeye, Marvel dc comics, Marvel movies Image: Marvel Comics

In the past, Hawkeye worked at Cross Technology Enterprises, returning to them as Chief of Security. He meets Mockingbird, Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, a former SHIELD agent.

Together, they uncovered an armed plot to wipe out the superhero community. The one in charge of executing this mission was the cousin of the company’s owner, Crissfire. To do so, he used a sonic weapon, which induced aggression.

After a hard fight, Mockingbird and Hawkeye manage to end Crissfire’s plans. But Hawkeye loses his hearing when a sonic arrow was used in order to counteract the sonic weapon. Soon after, the two characters fell in love and married. The pair performed well against criminals.


Marvel Announces New Thunderbolts Comic Book Limited Series with Hawkeye Image: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye continued to be part of the Avengers, accompanying them on many adventures. Here he came to serve as a trainer of several of the trainees. Some of them were Firestar and Justice, helping them to defeat Albino and Taskmaster.

Sometime later, he resigned from the Avengers, becoming the leader of the first generation of the Thunderbolts. With this, he managed to unite a high-level team for the fight, participating in several of their adventures. Subsequently, after traveling to hell and being imprisoned to save his team, he leaves the command to Citizen V. The villain in command of this group is Zemo.

Death and House of M

After his performance in the Thunderbolts, Hawkeye returns to the Avengers. Here he has a brief romance with a team member, the Wasp. At this stage, he resumes new adventures with his old team.

In solitary, he played several adventures as well. In one of those, Hawkeye made an important discovery, which was intended to steal an ancient artifact in Laos. There he again confronted the Scarlet Witch, losing his life trying to save his team.

Return and the New Avengers

Scarlet Witch Image: Marvel Comics

Reality restored, Hawkeye is resurrected, but the New Avengers are unaware of it. This led him to seek out Dr. Strange to seek refuge and understand his new life.

After a life of retirement, he is reunited with the Scarlet Witch, apparently without evil powers. He decides to return to see Dr. Strange and meet the new team members of The New Avengers.

Already as part of the team, Clint Barton changes his identity and takes the disguise of Ronin. With this identity, he meets Kate Bishop, who assumes the name of Hawkeye. Later, Clint being Ronin and part of the Avengers team, discovers a trick of some supposed heroes who were impostors. There he is reunited with Mockingbird.

Dark Kingdom and Siege

Clint helps Mockingbird to readjust to her new life on Earth. This happens after being freed from the captivity to which she was subjected for years by the Skrulls. Here begins a time of Dark Reign, where at the end of the Skrull war, the existence of SHIELD is not necessarily dissolving.

This led Norma Osborn to create his team of Avengers. These characters had nothing to do with the original ones. In fact, they took it upon themselves to steal their identities. This usurpation led to the real team of new Avengers taking action. Here Hawkeye took command to overthrow Osborn.

Hawkeye at the Heroic Age

The Avengers Image: Marvel Comics

After passing the terrible events of Siege, comes a whole heroic stage. In this phase various superheroes fight to uphold the good. In this case, it is Steve Rogers who calls again to form the new team of the Avengers, where Hawkeye will be part. 

There he spent some time fighting alongside his wife, Mockingbird. To return to the Avengers team and start work against terrorist organizations. Thus thwarting several of the planned attacks.

After this era, there were many episodes that Hawkeye had to face. The character even became a professor at the Avengers Academy. He participated in Civil War II, where he was put on trial for shooting Bruce Banner in the head with an arrow of light. This caused him to go on trial, which, while he was successful, divided the superhero community.

At the end of Civil War II, Clint is busy helping the underprivileged to redeem the somewhat deviant actions done in the past. This led him to occupy an important leadership position on Earth. This stage was called Secret Empire, where he met and fell in love again with the Black Widow.

At this point, the supposed death of Black Widow devastates him, allegedly at the hands of Steve Rogers. This event led him to set out on his quest alongside the Winter Soldier, discovering that his enemies were killed.

Hawkeye’s Powers and Abilities

Why Matt Fraction And David Aja's Hawkeye Is Essential Reading For Marvel Fans Image: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye’s character doesn’t have superhuman powers. However, he is in excellent physical condition. His might makes him stand in a high position of human conditioning. Only in the period when Pym particles were used he showed some power, managing to become Goliath. 

Despite not having superpowers, he possesses abilities that generate a wide range of skills as a superhero. These include marksman, acrobat, and exceptional fencer. Hawkeye possesses these skills thanks to his training as a child in the circus. In addition, he received extensive training by criminals such as Swordsman and Trick Shot.

Hawkeye has proven in combat to have considerable strength. In addition, because of the training received by Captain America, he developed incredible skills in martial arts, tactics, and everything related to hand-to-hand combat.

Of course, because of his training in the bow and arrow he excels in this activity. However, he also has skills using firearms at a distance. But that’s not all. Among Hawkeye’s skills is transforming any object into a lethal weapon.

Likewise, he has a particular way of transportation. Hawkeye uses a “Sky – Cyle” or Sky – Cyle. This means is designed like a common snowmobile but uses anti-gravitational technology.

Other Hawkeye Versions

The 10 Best Comic Book Storylines, According To Ranker Image: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye appears in different versions, such as:

Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse, Hawkeye operates as a Human High Council pilot living in Europe. There he was on the Tony Stark-led mission to find Don Blake, after doing another mission in Wakanda.

Marvel Zombies

Hawkeye in Marvel Zombies has his head cut off using Captain America’s shield. She is found 40 years later, in Marbel Zombies part 2. T’Challa’s grandson found this head in an amnesiac state. His demise is posed when he confronts Hulk. However, this was not the case, and she managed to survive.


Already in MC2, Hawkeye decides his retirement for having been blinded. This does not prevent him from serving as a combat trainer to other heroes.

Hawkeye’s Appearances in Other Media


Hawkeye’s appearances in other media are diverse.


Blind Hawkeye | Ultimate spiderman, Marvel hawkeye, Hawkeye Image: Marvel Studios

There are several series in which Hawkeye appears on the small screen, such as:

  • In 1966 The Marvel Super Hero, where Paul Soles and Chris Wiggins play the voice.
  • In Iron Man, where Hawkeye is a regular part, and John Reilly played his voice.
  • In “To Battle the Living Planet” as Goliath, in the Fantastic Four episode.
  • In The Avengers: United They Stand, where Tony Daniels performed his voice.
  • In 2009, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Chris Cox was his voice in this game.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures, where he appears in several chapters in the voice of Andrew Francis.
  • In 2013 he is in The United Avengers, voiced by Troy Baker.
  • In Ultimate Spider – Man, where Troy Baker played his voice for several episodes.
  • In 2015, he appears in the animated series Hulk and the Agents of SMASH, in its second season.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, where he is again played by Troy Baker.
  • In Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, where he is a recurring character voiced by Eiji Takemoto.
  • Hawkeye has his own action series, which was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is played by actor Jeremy Renner on Disney+.
  • Jeremy Renner is expected to return to continue acting in Disney+, What If…?


jeremy renner endgame crying Image via Marvel Studios.

His appearances are multiple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he gives big screen performances in iconic films such as:

  • Thor in 2011.
  • The Avengers in 2012.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015.
  • Captain America: Civil War in 2016.
  • Avengers Infinity Wars in 2018.
  • Avengers: Endgame in 2019.
  • Looking forward to what new surprise this character will bring us.

Video Games

Hawkeye Coming To Marvel's Avengers Video Game

In video games, Hawkeye appears as a playable character, such as in:

  • Spider – Man: The Video Game.
  • Venom/ Spider Man: Separation Anxiety.
  • Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems.
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  • And many more games.

Hawkeye’s Audience Reception

Marvel Explains Why Hawkeye Can't Call Spider-Man or Doctor Strange in the Disney+ Series | Den of Geek Image: Marvel Studios

Talking about the reception among the public of the character of both Hawkeye and Clint Barton, has been excellent. This has merited him to have his own space in movies and series of the MCU. The actor Jeremy Renner has been in charge of bringing him to life. The character’s last project was the series for Disney+ Hawkeye. In this miniseries, Marvel introduces the character of Kate Bishop, who will carry the arc from now on.

Hawkeye, a Criminal Turned Hero and Leader of the Avengers

Laura Barton watch in Hawkeye, Age of Ultron Image via Marvel Studios.

While Hawkeye was not born a villain per se, life circumstances led him to assume a role that was not his place. With a tough childhood, and surrounded by bad company, it was not enough for this character to wash his name.

Therefore, who started as a villain, managed to become a hero and even lead the Avengers. During his path, Hawkeye has been able to earn leadership thanks to the skills demonstrated. Hawkeye doesn’t have superhuman power like other superheroes, but his abilities make him live up to it.

Featured Image Via Marvel Comics 



I am a circus aerialist influenced by Dick Grayson and Spider-Man. Fortunate to write about the characters that inspired me. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in International Trade.


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