WandaVision Mid-Season Trailer Offers Very Spoilery Look At What's Next
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WandaVision Mid-Season Trailer Offers Very Spoilery Look At Remaining Five Episodes

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BY April 16, 2022

Since the first episodes of WandaVision, the marketing for the series offered very spoiler-filled glimpses at what’s to come in future episodes. For example, the minute-long preview for the third episode showed scenes we didn’t actually see until the end of the fourth episode. This actually undercut the tension of the climax of WandaVision episode 3, because those of us who watched the promo knew what was going to happen. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the marketing leaves no surprises in store for viewers. But they do seem to reveal at least the shape of events to come. In this way, the WandaVision mid-season trailer let’s us know quite a bit about the coming conflict.

Spoilers to follow. So, if you are concerned about going in unspoiled, take the advice of our own Meghan Hale in our latest podcast and avoid the marketing promos entirely.

WandaVision Mid-Season Trailer Sets Up the Coming Conflict

WandaVision mid-season trailer Paul Bettany Vision Elizabeth Olsen Wanda Maximoff Family Ties 1980s episode Image via screengrab

In the first few trailers for this series, especially when we didn’t quite know what it would be, the marketing hinted at a conflict. Wanda’s line from episode 4 about Westview being their home was followed by a line we’ve yet to hear from Vision saying they should “fight” for it. However, in the WandaVision mid-season trailer, it seems to suggest that Vision and Wanda may find themselves at odds. In fact, we get a glimpse of a scene we’ve seen before where Vision and Wanda float in the air and seem ready to face off. Wanda’s hands are glowing red, as they do in the films, which we’ve only seen when she threw Geraldine/Monica Rambeau out of Westview. Though her hands also glow red when she’s redecorating the house during what appears to be the 2000s-era/Modern Family style episode.

In the first two episodes, Vision seems to wholly accept his reality. But by the time the world turns to color, he’s starting to question things. In the mid-season trailer, he apparently plans to take that much further. We see a scene of him, in full-on Vision regalia, approaching the barrier of Westview and trying to push his way through the barrier. We also know from another trailer that Agnes, the quirky neighbor who seems to be more than just another Westview prisoner, recognizing Vision as an Avenger and asking if she’s dead because he is. The few scenes we’ve seen of Vision going into superhero mode were cleverly intercut with what appears to be a SWORD invasion into Westview, but perhaps the person he’s fighting is Wanda herself?

Wanda May Not Be as In ‘Control’ as She Claims

WandaVision mid-season trailer Paul Bettany Vision Image via screengrab

So much of the in-sitcom story we’re shown in this trailer is Vision questioning his reality. Wanda is in a state of denial and seems protective of it. Yet, we do hear her say, in voice-over, that Wanda doesn’t know how “any of this started.” Still, she seems determined to keep the fantasy going. She told Vision at the end of the most recent episode that she has everything under control. However, this may not be the case.

In our WandaVision episode 4 spoiler podcast, the Comic Years team is split on what this all means. While some believe that Wanda is fully ‘breaking bad’ here, I believe she’s as much of a captive in Westview as everyone else. Yet, when considering the theory about Wanda’s trauma, it seems that she is invested in keeping the lie going. She has her happy ending with Vision and, now, her sons. This is not something that Wanda will want to give up easily. In fact, my guess is that no matter what the ultimate conflict is in an MCU-sense, the climax of this story will be Wanda deciding whether or not to let go of this illusion and accepting the reality of her post-Endgame life.

There are some other interesting moments as well, including Wanda in some room that doesn’t appear to be part of Westview. We’ve seen a glimpse of this before. Is this when she reclaims Vision’s body? We also see a scene that suggests Vision does make it outside of the bubble. But he falls to his knees. Can he not live outside of the anomaly or is he just exhausted from the effort? So, while this shows us a lot, there are still plenty of questions.

Watch the WandaVision mid-season trailer below (if you dare).

Update: On The WandaVision Leaked Footage and Leaked Commercial

Since we’re already talking about spoilers, we should talk about the leaked footage that is circulating online. The suggestion was that the scenes revealed are from the sixth episode. Yes, we do get to see more of that scene with Vision revealed in the trailer. Also, the actor people are saying appears is shown. His outfit could suggest he’s wearing a costume that homages his character’s comic book costume in the way that Wanda’s and Vision’s do. Yet, there is no confirmation which character the actor is playing. Either way, it’s pretty exciting and only slightly more spoilery than the stuff they show us in the official releases. And, like those spoilers they drop, it just leaves us with more questions about the “how” and the “why” of it all.

However, there is also a video going around purportedly showing Nick Fury in one of the commercial breaks for the show. However, this is a real commercial Samuel L. Jackson did in 2019 for the Capital One Quicksilver card.

WandaVision debuts new episodes Friday on Disney+.

What do you think of the WandaVision mid-season trailer? Do you think Wanda is the one behind all of this or is she being manipulated? Do you think the marketing is too spoilery? Share your thoughts, theories, and reactions in the comments below.

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