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Uncanny Spider Man Turns Table On Franchise

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BY April 18, 2023

Get ready, comic book enthusiasts! Marvel Comics is back with an exciting new comic series called Uncanny Spider Man. This series merges two iconic comic book franchises – Spider-Man and the X-Men. However, this time, it’s not Peter Parker who’ll swing through New York City’s skyline. Instead, it’s none other than X-Men’s Nightcrawler!

So, imagine Nightcrawler donning a Spider-Man suit, fighting crime, and keeping the streets of the Big Apple safe. That’s precisely what you’ll get in the first issue of Uncanny Spider Man. To see this fascinating combo for yourself, check out the cover of Uncanny Spider Man #1 below.

Si Spurrier, known for his work on Legion of X, is the talented writer behind the series. Joining him, we have Lee Garbett, the artist behind The Death of Doctor Strange, who will bring the comic to life with his illustrations. Nightcrawler has played a significant role in Spurrier’s recent X-Men projects. So, Uncanny Spider Man is an extension of his work on Nightcrawlers and Legion of X.

In Uncanny Spider Man, Nightcrawler returns to his adventurous, swashbuckling roots, even though he’s taking on the role of another hero. But don’t be fooled! The series has dark undertones as Nightcrawler leaps and teleports through New York City. Additionally, the series is part of Marvel’s Fall of X lineup. So, you can expect it to build upon the tragic events of the upcoming Hellfire Gala and the latest catastrophe to strike mutant-kind.

Uncanny Spider Man Plot Details

Uncanny Spider Man Image: Marvel

Recently, Marvel gave a press release about the series. In it, Si Spurrier spoke about Uncanny Spider Man, and here’s what he said: 

“What we’ve got here is a spectacular new beginning – which, yes, is code for ‘perfect jumping-on point’ – which leans hard into heroic, joyful, street-level action. Writing Kurt has always been an exercise in heart. He was the first to feel the cracks in Krakoa… and the first to try and do something about it. Unfailingly loyal to his people, his friends and his responsibilities, he’s gone through a lot. What’s been missing for him is the joy. The freedom. The thrill. And that’s where we find him now. In a restyled Spidey Suit, BAMFing across New York and rubbing shoulders (and butting heads) with the best heroes and villains of the Manhattan milieu…but of course it’s not quite that simple. Is Nightcrawler really doing this for the thrill? Or is he hiding? Is it easier to put on a mask and punch some villains in the nose than it is to stare trauma in the eye…?”

Clearly, there’s a lot at stake in Uncanny Spider Man, and we can’t wait to find out more details. Mark your calendars for September 6, 2023, when Uncanny Spider Man #1 hits the shelves.

Naturally, X-Men’s Nightcrawler is a pretty developed character in the franchise. His real name is Kurt Wagner, and he’s a blue-skinned, teleporting mutant with incredible agility and acrobatic skills. Len Wein and Dave Cockrum created him, with his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975. Born in Germany, Nightcrawler is famous for his charming personality, strong sense of humor and unwavering faith.

Nightcrawler X-Men

Uncanny Spider Man Image: Marvel

Nightcrawler is a fan-favorite among the X-Men, and his power to teleport, or “BAMF,” makes him an essential asset to the team. Naturally, his unique appearance sets him apart from other mutants. After all, he’s got a prehensile tail, pointed ears, and glowing yellow eyes! However, his compassionate nature and loyalty to his friends make him a beloved character in the X-Men universe.

Despite this, Uncanny Spider Man could also be a welcome change for fans who aren’t too happy with the current direction of The Amazing Spider-Man. The series has stirred quite a debate among fans as it delves deeper into the latest conflict between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Clearly, the series will shake things up in the Marvel comic book universe. As such, it seems it’ll offer a fresh take on a beloved character and an exciting crossover between two iconic franchises. With Nightcrawler stepping into the Spider-Man role, fans can expect an action-packed, thrilling series that captures the essence of both heroes.


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