Thor Love and Thunder LEGO Set, Merchandise Reveal Story Details
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Thor Love And Thunder LEGO Set, Other Merchandise Reveal Story Details

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BY April 14, 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness looks like it will be Marvel’s most serious movie since Infinity War. But a few months later, we’re getting Thor: Love and Thunder, the second Taika Waititi Thor movie, and even brief glimpses make it look even zanier than Ragnarok. But, of course, as silly as Ragnarok was at times, it still got pretty deep. And considering that they are adapting Jason Aaron’s God of Thunder arc and later works…expect it to make you cry. But fear not because we’re getting chariot-carrying magical goats! Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr are finally debuting in the MCU. But how did we find out? Because Marvel revealed some of the Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise, including a LEGO set too awesome not to buy.

What Do We Learn from the Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO Set?

Thor Love and Thunder LEGO, Jane Foster, Korg, Valkyrie, Gorr, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Thesa Thompson, Ragnarok, Knull, King in Black, Mjolnir, MCU Image via Lego

First, it’s no longer a chariot. It’s a boat. THE GOAT BOAT. That is the official name of the ship that Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr drag behind them. But we also learn a few other vital details. First, it looks like Korg will have a more significant presence, after becoming a fan-favorite in Ragnarok and Endgame. We also have confirmation that Gorr is the villain. Gorr’s whole thing is killing gods. But since Ragnarok decimated the Asgardian population, and then Thanos killed half of the remaining refugees before Infinity War even started…he doesn’t have much left to kill, as far as Asgardians go.

However, there is something even more important about Gorr the Godbutcher’s minifig in the Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO set. Specifically, an accessory. He’s holding an important Marvel Comics artifact called the Necrosword. This ties into one of the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credit scenes. In the comics, Knull, god of the symbiotes, wields the powerful weapon. And now there’s a symbiote in the MCU. But there’s more! The Necrosword also ties Thor: Love and Thunder to the second Eternals post-credit scene! In that scene, we see Dane Whitman about to touch the Ebony Blade, which gives off a strange, symbiote-looking shimmer. Knull desperately wants that blade. Think we can’t speculate any more from this Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO set and merchandise? You must be new here. Welcome to Comic Years, where our E-i-C encourages us to spiral into deep dives.

We haven’t seen the last of Venom in the MCU, and Sony + Marvel Studios are working their way to a King in Black movie. We’re getting symbiote dragons, gang.

The Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO Set and Merchandise Tells Us a Lot About Jane Foster Too

Thor Love and Thunder LEGO, Jane Foster, Korg, Valkyrie, Gorr, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Thesa Thompson, Ragnarok, Knull, King in Black, Mjolnir, MCU Image via Lego

But the most important thing we learn from the Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO set is something we already knew. Well, sort of. We knew that Jane Foster would pick up Mjolnir (or a version of it). However, the minifig isn’t named Jane Foster – it’s The Mighty Thor. Marvel Studios isn’t dancing around the name. Natalie Portman is playing (the Mighty) Thor. And she finally has MCU merchandise that isn’t a diamond select “toy.” Yet we learn a lot more, not from the LEGO set but the action figures and interactive toys.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Jane Foster will lift Mjolnir and become the Mighty Thor, and a badass LEGO minifig. But the last time we saw Mjolnir, the intimidatingly sexy Hela was crushing it with one hand while she smiled back at Thor. However, Marvel found other ways to include the magical hammer. While time traveling to Asgard, Thor picked up a past version of Mjolnir, which Captain America later wielded, but also returned to the moment Thor took it. Yet we’re also opening the multiverse. So, it could be any Mjolnir. But it isn’t. Check out the toy below:

The Mighty Thor Jane Foster Mjolnir Image via Hasbro Toys

Jane isn’t holding a Mjolnir from a different reality, and it isn’t a Jane Foster from elsewhere in the multiverse. It’s our Jane. Natalie Portman original. And how do we know that? Do you see it? Here is an even better look at Mjolnir that we couldn’t see in the Thor: Love and Thunder LEGO set:

The Mighty Thor Jane Foster Mjolnir Image via Hasbro Toys

That is the Mjolnir broken by Hela in Thor: Rangnarok and left in pieces on the spot where Odin died. We don’t know yet how it was reforged, but we bet it has something to do with Jane Foster. Also, to further underscore that she is the Mighty Thor, she is dressed in the most comics-accurate Thor costume we’ve gotten yet. As you can see in the image, Thor has some new duds, too. His figure comes with Stormbreaker, and his character name is just listed as Thor. So, it’s clear that going forward in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth plays Thor Odinson, while Natalie Portman’s character will be known as the Mighty Thor. The question is, for how long with Chris Hemsworth play that character?

And yes, all of this is a stretch from just looking at toys and a LEGO set, but does anyone else feel that Thor isn’t making it to the end of Love and Thunder? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Thor: Love and Thunder Opens July 8th, 2022

Seriously, who doesn’t want that LEGO set, or any others they make for Thor: Love and Thunder?


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