Lucky The Leprechaun Vs Thanos - Who Wins With Both at Full Power?
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Lucky The Leprechaun Vs Thanos – Who Wins?

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BY April 14, 2021

We can sit around all day debating which Avenger is the strongest. Some even try to argue that Thanos did nothing wrong. At the end of the day, these debates are fun and honestly way more intense than they need to be. One such argument I’d like to introduce to the mix involves a beloved cereal mascot. Many of us enjoy Lucky Charms and the magically delicious marshmallows. For us, the sugary treat is a way to start the day. For Lucky the Leprechaun, these marshmallows provide him with powers fit for a new world order, should he choose to pursue one. Thanks to a wildly detailed press release from over a decade ago, we can finally settle this debate nobody knew they wanted. Lucky the Leprechaun vs Thanos: who wins in a fight?

Lucky the Leprechaun’s Origin Story

Lucky The Leprechaun Vs Thanos Image Credit: General Mills

Lucky Charms started as a concept in 1964 to help maximize efficiency at General Mills plants. By mixing Cheerios in a new shape with marshmallows, the cereal would appeal to younger eaters. The concept of the marshmallows mirrored a charm bracelet. With a fun, luck-filled cereal under development, a mascot rose to represent the new product. Originally named L.C. Leprechaun, Lucky has served as the cereal’s spokesperson for decades. It wasn’t until 2008, however, that we learned of his true powers.

In 2008, a press release announcing a new marshmallow shape was distributed. Titled, “Lucky Announces the Power to Control Time with New Marshmallow Charm in Lucky Charms Cereal,” the world quivered at what was about to come. We learned Lucky’s friendly demeanor was only a show to hide his true powers. The marshmallows so many of us consumed in a bowl of the delicious cereal gave Lucky insane powers. These powers included the following:

  • hearts – the power to bring things to life
  • shooting stars – the power to fly
  • horseshoes – the power to speed things up
  • clovers – luck, but you never know what kind of luck you’ll get
  • blue moons – the power of invisibility
  • rainbows – instantaneous travel from place to place
  • balloons – the power to make things float

With the addition of a magical hourglass marshmallow, Lucky now had the power to control time. That’s pretty serious stuff, but would it be enough to defeat Thanos?

Lucky the Leprechaun vs Thanos – Tale of the Tape

Lucky The Leprechaun Vs Thanos (Image: Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios)

There’s no denying that Lucky presents a huge challenge at full power. When equipped with the Infinity Gauntlet, however, Thanos can put up a good fight. With all six Infinity Stones in tow, Lucky might have his work cut out for him. The Mad Titan is known to do some unthinkable things, like breaking Captain America’s shield. Plus, Thanos clocks in at over 8 feet tall; he’s a literal giant compared to the average leprechaun height of about 3 feet.

Let’s compare abilities, shall we? Firstly, the Space Stone and Rainbow Marshmallow essentially provide teleportation for both fighters. Secondly, the Power Stone’s ability to manipulate energy is somewhat matched by the Balloons Marshmallow. Next, the Reality, Time, and  Soul Stone are all matched fairly with the Horseshoes and Hearts Marshmallows. Nothing quite gives Thanos invisibility as Lucky can draw from the Blue Moons. Likewise, the unpredictable nature of the Clovers’ luck powers is a wild card. Then again, Thanos seems to have strength on his side naturally as well as via the Power Stone.

Final Verdict: Does Our Beloved Cereal Icon Stand a Chance?

Lucky The Leprechaun Vs Thanos Image Credit: General Mills

Overall, Lucky’s powers provide him with some serious abilities. That said, it took a whole team of heroes to defeat Thanos in The Infinity War. The only caveat I’ll add is that magnificent Blue Moons Marshmallow wild card. If you bet against luck, then there’s always a chance you’re tempting fate. I could easily see the final moments of this Lucky the Leprechaun vs Thanos battle playing out as such.

Thanos, seeing his victory near, begins to assume Lucky is down and out. Then, Lucky calls upon the Blue Moons for one final attempt to come out victorious. The chances of that unpredictable luck power coming through for Lucky aren’t clear. Even if they were, let’s say, 14,000,605 to 1, I’m not sure I’m assuming anything. We’ve seen those odds come through somewhere, I just can’t remember where…

In the end, Thanos has the upper hand but you can’t ever count out an underdog with powers of flight, time control, teleportation, and invisibility. Mix in a little luck, and that’s a magically delicious upset waiting to happen.

Featured Image Credit: General Mills

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