John Stamos voicing Tony Stark for upcoming Marvels Spidey
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John Stamos voicing Tony Stark for upcoming Marvels Spidey & Amazing Friends Season 2

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BY April 30, 2022

Last time, we saw how the Web-Slinger got his hands on some new webbing. This season he’s going up against Electro – a city destroying villain with plans to take out all of New York City by draining its power! The Spidey team has never been more divided but this may be their chance at saving both worlds afterall… or rather saving one world from destruction because there are two separate stories happening here: One in which our heroes try restore electricity using an innovative formula created by Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) who also composed “Glow Webs Glow” appropriately enough; Secondly you’ll follow suit as alternate versions.

John Stamos in Season 2 of Spidey and His Amazing Friends are Sean Giambrone as Ant-Man, Maya Tuttle as Wasp, Hoku Ramirez as Reptil, Jaiden Klein as Black Cat, Tom Wilson as Sandman, and Stephanie Lemelin as Electro.

New adventures await for Spidey’s  in the second season and His Amazing Friends. The show will be returning this August on Disney Junior, so check out these exclusive photos to get excited!

john stamos Image Credit: Disney

john stamos john stamos

Image Credit: Disney



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