Jessica Henwick Wants More Colleen Wing and Daughters of the Dragon
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Jessica Henwick Wants More Colleen Wing and Daughters of the Dragon In Her Future

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BY January 12, 2020

After stints in Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and in the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Henwick is a star about to go supernova. Most recently, she sat down with reporters to discuss her new film with Kristen Stewart called Underwater. Yet, during an interview, she revealed some interesting details about her possible future with the Marvel universe, specifically if she’d be willing to return to it. Thankfully, Jessica Henwick would be very open to playing Colleen Wing again and revisiting the Daughters of the Dragon with Simone Missick, who played Misty Knight. While much of the Netflix Marvel output received praise from critics and fans, Henwick’s series, Iron Fist, was not so well-received. Still, the series improved as it went on, and throughout all of it Henwick’s Colleen Wing was the brightest spot.

What Jessica Henwick Said About Colleen Wing and the Daughters of the Dragon

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As we all know, with Marvel Television closed down and Disney+ an upcoming contender in the Streaming Wars, the Netflix and Marvel collaboration is at an end. With Marvel Studios going all-in on adding television to their MCU portfolio, it seems like a time ripe to revisit those characters. Though there is a wrinkle, and one that leads many industry insiders to believe that Marvel is done with those characters, at least the versions that appeared on the streaming service. Still, Henwick seems open to returning, because she has some unfinished business with the character.

As she said to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I definitely would’ve loved to have done more Daughters of the Dragon-type stuff with Simone. We had so many great ideas, and Simone and I have a really wonderful chemistry in real life. So, that’s something that I would’ve loved to have visited, but for the most part, Colleen had a great journey. It was this real zero-to-hero type moment for her at the end of season two. So, yeah, I feel happy.”

The reason that people believe she will never suit up as Colleen Wing again is because of a clause in the Netflix deal. It states that Marvel Studios cannot use the characters from their series for two years after Netflix decided to cancel it. Now, for Jessica Jones, this means that she can’t appear again until mid-2021. Yet, for Colleen Wing and Iron Fist? Their cooldown period expires this October. So, it strikes us as very possible that Marvel might want to revisit the much-beloved character. With Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings coming soon, Marvel martial arts will be on the big-screen. It would only make sense for Colleen (and Iron Fist, too) to show up in that character’s orbit.

Whether it will happen or not depends on two things: Kevin Feige and the fans. If Feige is in to it, it will happen. However, if the fans are into the idea of Jessica Henwick reprising her role as Colleen Wing and telling a Daughters of the Dragon story? Well, let’s just say Feige (and Bob Iger and everyone else at Disney who likes money) will be into it.

Underwater is currently in theaters now.

How about you? Would you like to see Jessica Henwick play Colleen Wing and star in a Daughters of the Dragon series? Share your thoughts, hopes, and pitches for stories in the comments below!

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