Marvel Comics' Star-Lord Is Bisexual; What Does That Mean In The MCU?
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It’s Confirmed That Marvel Comics’ Star-Lord Is Bisexual, So What Could That Mean For The MCU?

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BY December 17, 2020

Comic book and superhero content is the most prevalent form of entertainment these days. But the best adaptations look to the source material for inspiration and new storylines already explored. So it’s that much more exciting to get news that Marvel Comics’ Star-Lord is bisexual. While this applies only to the character in Marvel Comics, we can’t help but be giddy about how it may also affect the MCU’s Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt. 

The New Revelation Came In A Comic Book Storyline

Marvel Comics' Star-Lord Is Bisexual Image via Marvel Comics.

The revelation that Marvel Comics’ Star-Lord is bisexual, came in a comic book storyline from the new Guardians Of The Galaxy title. In issue #9, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, sacrifices his life and appears in a new place called Morinus. Supposedly meant to be a non-linear place, Quill meets two beings here, a man and a woman. He begins a romantic relationship with them both and lives happily with them for over 100 years. So in this story, the writer confirms that Star-Lord is bisexual, and has always been so. 

The official exchange between Quill and the beings reveals just how much he cares for them both, thanking them for accepting him. One of the two makes a comment about accepting his truth. While it’s pretty explicit that Quill loves and cares for both the man and the woman, the language used makes Quill’s struggles with his sexuality very apparent and clear. I’m assuming this is because the writer didn’t want anything to be ambiguous or leave anything to interpretation, similar to the backlash of Destiel from Supernatural. Comic book writer Al Ewing confirms that this is Star-Lord’s official origin story and will now be canon. 

Marvel Comics’ Star-Lord Is Bisexual And How It May Affect The MCU

Marvel Comics' Star-Lord Is Bisexual Comics. Image via Marvel Comics.

In the MCU, Chris Pratt plays Star-Lord, the somewhat leader of The Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s still unknown if Star-Lord being bisexual and polyamorous in the comics will affect the movies’ depiction of the character going forward. So far, in the movies, Star-Lord has only had heterosexual relationships, but maybe not? Taking into the context that The Guardians Of the Galaxy movies occur in a large universe populated by beings of various species, existing on various planes of existence. Star-Lord himself had a father who was a whole planet. So, while Pratt’s Star-Lord is only shown as having had relationships with characters who may physically appear to be female, they’re also aliens we know nothing about. So we cannot entirely presume their gender identity either.

Also, it would be silly to assume that conventional heteronormative sexual behaviors that we understand on Earth, would also apply to a group of people whose members’ include a talking Racoon and a literal tree. So to make the MCU Star-Lord bisexual would not be that difficult, given the established world and its characters already. Also, seeing how far away the next MCU installment of The Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is, writer/director James Gunn has ample time to absorb the news that the Marvel Comics Star-Lord is bisexual. It’s up to him to incorporate that into his new story (or not).

What’s Next For MCU Star-Lord? 

Marvel Comics' Star-Lord Is Bisexual tension. Ooh, the tension! | Image via Marvel Studios.

The last time that we saw Star-Lord he was having a sort of stand-off with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor for the apparent leadership of The Guardians Of The Galaxy. This ‘rivalry’ between the two characters was a source of humor during Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. However, seeing that interaction in this context, it could easily come off as sexual tension between the two as well. Which makes their dynamic, oh, so much better, even more so knowing that Pratt’s Star-Lord will absolutely be a part of Thor: Love And Thunder.

So how do you feel about the fact that Star-Lord is Bisexual in Marvel Comics? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. 

Featured image via Marvel Comics. 


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