Hulu’s Helstrom Comic-Con At Home Panel Introduces Teaser Trailer
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Hulu’s Helstrom Comic-Con At Home Panel Introduces Teaser Trailer, Social Dialogue

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BY July 24, 2020

When it comes to the infernal characters in the Marvel Universe, fear plays a big role. Yet, the start of Hulu’s Helstrom panel from Comic-Con at Home began with an almost 13-minute discussion about a different kind of fear. The multiracial cast began the panel talking about the current national moment, specifically the threats facing historically disenfranchised groups in the US. It’s not the usual start to a panel meant to market a new comic book-based horror series, yet genre stories are almost always about the real-world societal ills in the present day. It’s an important discussion and one worth listening to, even if you are only tuning into Hulu’s Helstrom Comic-Con at Home panel to scope out the teaser trailer and learn about this series.

The teaser trailer is easily the highlight of Hulu’s Helstrom Comic-Con at Home panel. What made it extra fun was that as we watched, the cast also saw it for the first time. The cast, naturally, was very guarded when it came to spoilers, deferring to the executive producer when even asked about the powers Tom Austen’s Daimon and Sydney Lemmon’s Ana have. He said “energy manipulation” powers. (In the comics, Damon taps into demonic energy for super-strength and “soulfire.” Ana, short for Satana, has a more magically diverse power set derived from stealing “psychic energy” from humans.)

Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski likes the horror, Hellish aspect of the story. Yet, he was most intrigued by the family dynamic between Daimon and Ana Helstrom and their mother. Also, Elizabeth Marvel said that the family drama at play in the series is “almost Shakespearean.” Check it out below!

Watch Hulu’s Helstrom Comic-Con at Home Panel in full:

What do you think of the teaser trailer? Does it match your expectations? Do you think the horror element is something lacking in modern comic book series and films? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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