First Marvel Comic Sells For Millions Of Dollars At Auction
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First Marvel Comic Sells For Millions, Proving We Shouldn’t Throw Anything Away

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BY April 25, 2022

I have a confession: my family doesn’t like to throw a lot of things away. We’re not hoarders in the sense of reality show Hoarders but we definitely have things that could probably find a better home at a donation center. However, after learning that the first Marvel comic sells for millions, I’m thinking of telling my parents not to throw anything away, especially my old comics! Read on to learn just how much rare Marvel Comics No 1 sold for!

The First Marvel Comic Sells For Millions, But Just How Rare Is It?

rare marvel comics Image via Pxhere

Marvel Comics No 1 sold at an auction sold for a whooping $2.4 million, which isn’t far behind from the $3.25 million that the first Superman comic sold for (Action Comics #1 to be exact). What makes Marvel Comics No. 1 especially unique is the fact that the issue is the pay copy, in which the publisher recorded the payments he owed to the illustrators, explained Stephen Fishler, the chief executive of ComicConnect, an online comic auction house. He went on to explain that Marvel Comics No 1 is more than 80 years old, but it was in excellent condition thanks to being hidden in a file cabinet until it was unearthed in 1993 or 1994. Fishler said:

“It was a freak of nature that this book was saved.” 

Lucky that it was saved though, at least for the buyer, which is a miracle in itself. Julian C. Chambliss, an English professor at Michigan State University, said that comics from this time period were often printed on pulp paper, a low-quality material that was not meant to last. Fishler didn’t disclose who the buyer was, only saying that he was a longtime comic collector in his 40s that “loved the condition of the copy and the story of how it was found.” The cabinet where Marvel Comics No  1 was found had belonged to Lloyd Jacquet, owner of a company called Funnies Inc., which sold comic book stories and artwork to publishers. On the cover and seven of the pages, Jacquet wrote how much Funnies Inc. owed artists including Frank R. Paul, who was paid $25 to illustrate the cover.

For many comic collectors, issues that introduce new characters are always sought after (hence why Action Comics #1 was so valuable). Marvel Comics No 1 introduced a few recurring Marvel characters although they are definitely not Captain America or Hulk. The 68-page issue features short stories about characters such as Namor the Sub-Mariner, a mutant who lives under the sea; and the original Human Torch, whose body can catch fire and was not affiliated with Johnny Storm or the Fantastic Four. According to Douglas Wolk, who has read all 27,000 Marvel comic books and wrote a book about it, owning Marvel Comics No. 1 is like owning a first-edition Charles Dickens novel in which he documented his royalties.

first marvel comic sells for millions Image via Gary Dunaier via Wikimedia Commons

Before you get excited and start thinking you can make millions of dollars off your comics, keep a few things in mind. There are only a few comic books that will fetch a lot of money, mainly due to how rare they are and their age. If you’re serious about selling, it’s best to get your comic books appraised by a professional. They can let you know what to expect in terms of value and realistic pricing. But with that being said, I also feel like…I shouldn’t throw away any of my comic books? 

Do you think you have any comics that are like the first Marvel comic selling for millions? What other rare Marvel comics are out there? Let us know in the comments below! 

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