Disney+ Should Make A Quake Series With Chloe Bennet ASAP
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After Agents Of SHIELD Finale, Disney+ Should Make A Quake Series With Chloe Bennet

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BY April 14, 2022

The flagship television series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended in a fantastic fashion. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ended a seven-season run on ABC, making its mark on the MCU. One of the key aspects of comics-based storytelling is that no there is no well that ever runs dry. Sure, the series may have implied that the world of Agents of SHIELD is not the one we see on the big screen. Yet, with the multiverse set to be the next big thing in the MCU, why not continue the story of one of the MCU’s coolest superheroes? Chloe Bennet should get to star in a series about Quake for Disney+. She may have started as “Skye” the “hacker” on the team, but by the middle of the second season, she found out she was much more.

Before Marvel Studios had access to their mutant characters, they planned to introduce the idea of “born a superhero” via the Inhumans. Agents of SHIELD laid the groundwork for that by introducing “terragenesis” the process through which Inhumans gain their powers. Over six successive seasons, Daisy Johnson (who adopted her comics’ moniker Quake) grew into a superhero who could easily hang with the Avengers. Given the same SHIELD training as Black Widow and Hawkeye, she also has vibrational powers. According to the show, she has enough power to crack the planet, though if she ever uses it that way she won’t survive. So, there’s a natural built-in limit to her powers, which is something superhero stories can struggle with.

However, Bennet and the writers on the series made Daisy the sort of character who could carry a show even without superpowers.

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A Quake Series With Chloe Bennet on Disney+ Is Just What the Service Needs

There are some fantastic Disney+ series coming from Marvel Studios. There is WandaVision which looks unlike any other superhero story thus far. There’s Loki which will be fun so long as they let Tom Hiddleston loose on chewable scenery. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could make a kind of cultural impact like Luke Cage did before it. Yet, the idea of filming television like movies only sounds like a good way to spend more money than you might need to. After seven years of experience on a 22-episode per year series like Agents of SHIELD, Bennet, those storytellers, and that crew could get them 8 episodes every six months. Also, it would allow the rich tapestry of characters from that show to live on in other stories. Who wouldn’t want to see Quake meet up again with Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider? (We hear he’s available!)

Also, centering a new Marvel Studios series around a woman of color with a badass reputation is a politically smart move, as well. Anthony Mackie leads one of Marvel’s shows for Disney+, and he pointed out they still have work to do. Agents of SHIELD was one of the most diverse Marvel casts for a long time. Continuing these stories, at least that of Quake, allows that representation to continue. Kids will “grow up” with the character.

Finally, the character herself is just fantastic. She can kick ass. She can make earthquakes. Even though she’s tough, Quake is compassionate. The character embodies the values of Marvel’s best heroes already. Also, Daisy Johnson works in a big space-battle or a small, street-level heist story. A rumor suggested a series was already in the works, but Bennet denied them. But it’s a great idea.

Marvel Studios Would Be Foolish to Waste the Legacy of Marvel Television

Quake Chloe Bennett Series Disney+ Brianna Vaskus Agent Piper Elizabeth Henstridge Jemma Simmons Image via ABC

One of the oldest rumors since Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson died in Avengers and came back to life on Agents of SHIELD is that Jeph Loeb and Kevin Feige did not work well together. His ouster and the shuttering of Marvel Television came shortly after Feige took over all of Marvel. From the Save Daredevil Convention, we learned that Loeb may even not be that great of a guy. Yet, what the other artists and storytellers who worked for him created was spectacular. It’s not just Agents of SHIELD. There were heartfelt shows for teenagers like Cloak and Dagger and Marvel’s Runaways. The Marvel and Netflix collaboration that came to an end produced three fantastic series, and two under-appreciated ones. Legion was a series that showed comic book stories can look like anything. Marvel Television proved that you can tell great superhero stories on the small screen.

So, a Quake series with Chloe Bennet for Disney+ seems like a can’t-lose bet. There’s already an audience and fanbase for the character. Marvel Studios doesn’t have to throw a feature-level budget at the series. They definitely could pay less than the $25 million per episode that some of the other Disney+ and Marvel series cost. Or, since ABC reportedly wanted another Marvel series with a female lead, they could just keep Quake on network television.

The business of television aside, the reason to make a Quake series with Chloe Bennet for Disney+ or ABC is simple. She’s a great character that people love, and there are so many more good stories they could tell about her.

What do you think? Do you want to see a Quake series with Chloe Bennet on Disney+? Or should it stay on network TV? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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