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The 8 Best Marvel And DC Crossover Comics

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BY April 27, 2023

Crossover comics between famous Marvel and DC characters move the fans who follow them, even more so because two of the biggest arch-rival companies make them. Although by nature Marvel and DC have almost always competed, they have also had memorable collaborations.

Seeing several of our favorite superheroes together in comic books is like a dream come true. That’s why we bring you 8 of the best crossovers between Marvel and DC in this review.

Marvel vs DC Crossover


In 1996, a 4-book miniseries called DC vs Marvel / Marvel vs DC came out. The plot dealt with heroes and villains from each company that faced each other. The objective was to decide which universe would be the best. Therefore, the surviving publisher would be the one to reign.

The authors of this series were Ron Marz and Peter David, while Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini did the art. It had great relevance since it marked the ground for the story arc to launch the Amalgam line.

In short, two brothers represent each company, DC and Marvel Universes. In the interim, each discovers the existence of the other. And like in the Wild West, the two duel each other in multiple battles. So, each uses characters from their own universe and whoever loses disappears. In total, there are eleven battles between the main heroes. But, the fans, with their votes, could make the heroes and villains face each other in five more matches.

Marvel got more votes than DC in the voting, but at the end of the story, they never said who won. Only the brothers resolve their disputes by creating a new universe called the “Amalgam Universe”. Several heroes’ “combined” versions would occupy said universe. The public well received the miniseries. So much so that in 1997 it received the Comics Buyer’s Guide Fan Award for Best Limited Series. Marvel vs DC showed the superheroes of all time facing each other.

Incredible Hulk vs Superman


Every fan of Marvel and DC comics dreamed of seeing an Incredible Hulk and Superman crossover. These two characters first faced each other in Marvel Treasury Edition Vol 1 28. This original issue, Incredible Hulk vs Superman Vol 1 1, came out in 1999. Roger Stern wrote it, and Steve Rude drew it.

The plot of this comic book begins with Lois watching a report about the Hulk on TV where they indicate that the Hulk was part of The Avengers. Superman arrives just at that moment and begins to tell Lois about his first encounter with the Hulk. It all started when Clark Kent was reporting on the scientist who created the machine to predict earthquakes, one of which happened in Arizona. In that location appears the Hulk, who disturbs a whole family on their picnic by taking away their food. Then, Superman, who was investigating the earthquake’s origin, shows up there. Superman and Hulk confront each other, and Hulk disappears.

Just as the Hulk’s double identity was unknown, so was Superman. Louis was unaware that Clark Kent was Superman. And she was involved in a whole professional situation when she saw that Kent had taken the scoop on Superman from her. In retaliation, Louis asked Perry Whyte to cover the Hulk story. But Clark Kent managed to get sent on assignment to complete Louis’ article. That was the only way he could keep track of the Hulk. What would initially make for a deadly showdown to take down the Hulk and Superman was not to be. The two teamed up against Lex Luthor and destroyed the Gamma Cannon in this fantastic crossover.

Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man

Superman vs The Amazing Spider-man Image via DC/Marvel Comics

Superman is indeed one of the most beloved superheroes by fans. Hence, it is common to see him collaborating with other superheroes. In this case, Superman with Spider-Man dates back to 1976. By that time, DC Comics and Marvel teamed up to publish their first crossover. And, of course, the comic book industry needed two iconic icons. So, they put Superman and Spider-Man to share adventures.

All this was summarized in a spectacular 100-page issue with 96 stories. The format they presented is the treasury size (34×26 cm). And this was possible thanks to Carmine Infantino for DC Comics and Stan Lee for Marvel. Gerry Conway wrote the script, Ross Andru was in charge of the drawing, and Dick Giordano did the inking. The story told was great, not to mention the graphics. Fans expected nothing less from one of the most representative comics in history.

Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man’s plot centered in Metropolis. Superman had an encounter with a robot his arch-rival Lex Luthor built. The battle was brief, but the mission Lex sought was to steal a programming circuit from S.T.A.R. Labs. Since Lex incapacitates Superman, Spider-Man enters the scene. Previously, Dr Octopus knocked him out in a fight. These heroes later meet at the World News Conference and join forces to defeat their enemies.

For those who do not know, this was the first crossover between DC and Marvel and the first time these two characters came together. In fact, this crossover built the bridge between these two companies for the first time.

Batman & Captain America

Batman and Captain America Image via DC/Marvel Comics

In the same year that the Marvel vs DC crossover came out, so did Batman & Captain America. John Byrne did the script, drawing, and inking, while Patricia Mulvihill did the color was by.

This story occurs in the golden age of comics. The Dark Knight has a very similar version to Earth 2, while Captain America is fighting the Axis forces in World War II. While the United States is in one of humanity’s bloodiest conflicts, Captain America roams theaters of operations to provide support. But an outcome in Gotham City can change everything.

Captain America/Bucky and Batman/Robin meet there. The goal is to put an end to the threat. But, just as it happened in the first DC and Marvel crossover since they have hidden identities, they lead them to clashes that happen by mistake. This fairly entertaining story brings these superheroes into the picture and has villains like the demented Joker and Red Skull interact.

Batman/Daredevil: King of New York

Batman/Daredevil King of New York Image via DC/Marvel Comics


Batman vs Daredevil: King of New York came out in 1999. Writer Alan Grant, artist Eduardo Barreto, colorist Matt Hollingsworth, and letterist Ken Bruzenak created it.

Batman vs Daredevil: King of New York was another crossover graphic novel Marvel Comics and DC Comics published. These two characters, Batman and Daredevil, team up to defeat Ra’s al Ghul and Kingpin. The two villains team up to disperse the gas of fear in Gotham City. As with the other crossovers, these two characters met in adverse situations. As they did not know their identities, they clashed, and in the end, they ended up allying.

The plot begins with each one on his own, Batman and Daredevil, investigating a series of robberies and murders. They coincide in the sewers and confront each other, each thinking the other is the enemy. Ultimately, they validate that those behind it are their arch-rivals, Two-Face and Mr Hyde. Both discovered a technology that would allow them to use the human brain as a base to create a sophisticated computer. Two-Face’s idea was to use Mr Hyde, but the two superheroes ultimately thwart everything.

The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

 The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans #1 (1982) Image via Marvel/DC Comics

In 1982, The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans crossover occurred. It was possible thanks to the teamwork of Chris Claremont as a writer, Walt Simonson as a penciler, and Terry Austin as a colorist.

The plot boils down to the coming together of these teams. The fundamental objective was to appropriate the Source, which gave them unlimited power. The main villain is Darkseid, who tries to break through the Source Wall at all costs. To achieve his goal, Darkseid devises a plan to recreate the Dark Phoenix. To do so, he uses the memories of his former companions, the X-Men. He also draws the residue of his power from a variety of sources.

This way, the two teams are alerted to thwart Darkseid’s plan. Both fight separately, but Deathstroke and Darkseid’s shock troops defeat and capture them. This event forces both teams to unite against Darkseid, freeing themselves and defeating their common enemy in an epic battle. They manage to bring the Dark Phoenix to life and penetrate the Source wall.

Punisher and Batman: Deadly Knights

Punisher / Batman Deadly Knights Image via Marvel/DC Comics

In 1994, again, Marvel Comics and DC Comics joined forces and launched the crossover Punisher and Batman: Deadly Knights. Chuck Dixon wrote the script, John Romita JR drew it, and Klaus Janson inked it.

This story begins when the Punisher returns to Batman’s Gotham City. His goal was to hunt down and capture his old enemy Jigsaw, who a slightly less crazy Joker had taken in. Jigsaw tries to rebuild his face and regain his lost position in organized crime. To do so, he sees a great opportunity in the corrupt Gotham City, never mind putting himself on the radar of the Dark Knight.

This new version of Batman does not tolerate Punisher executing his military arts in pursuit of Jigsaw. Therefore, both vigilantes begin a race that leads them to confront each other. In the end, they unite and put the order that must be.

The responsible for the script, Chuck Dixon, is a good connoisseur of these two superheroes. Therefore, he gave each hero their touch of darkness marked by the tragedy of losing loved ones. But one has blood on his hands; the other does not and is unwilling to cross that line. Though each despises the other because of their personalities and complexes, they unite for the greater good.

This encounter between Punisher and Batman opened the door to many other meetings for over a decade. One of the fun facts of this crossover is that these encounters took place in alternate universes for Marvel.

Our Favorite Marvel And DC Crossover: JLA/Avengers


And now, we have left last the one we consider the best Marvel and DC crossover comic.

After disagreements between Marvel and DC Comics, several generations had to pass, and a new century began with new directions. Joe Quesada on behalf of Marvel Comics and Paul Levitz at DC. Thus, in 2003, these two publishers achieved the impossible and the dream of thousands of fans. A four-volume miniseries would tell the story of the encounter between Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, and the world’s greatest superheroes, the JLA.

The series took place thanks to the plot of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths and Marvel’s Contest of Champions. Both stories sowed the seed of JLA/Avengers and united concepts common to both. The universes of these two super teams joined thanks to George Perez as an illustrator. Thus, having several superheroes on the scene created diverse confrontations, and the fans loved it.

In this crossover, the Grandmaster came into play and discovered Krona’s dangerous plan. Krona and his pawns planned to recover as many powerful objects as Infinity Gems, Cosmic Cube, Supreme Nullifier, and The Green Lantern Power Battery, among others. Ultimately, the two teams must face each other in the ultimate battle. The God of Thunder and the Man of Steel wait impatiently. And it is the latter who emerges triumphant, with the victory.

Bring These Marvel and Dc Crossover Comics to The Movies!

The two great comic book companies have had their ups and downs. In the beginning, they had an extensive collaboration together. But, from cooperation, they went to a cold war, which did not please the fans. For over a decade, these companies created stories that allowed us to speculate about any hypothesis. In them, superheroes and villains would meet and give rise to fantasies in many universes.

That’s why we support these crossovers, which are the dream of any comic book fan. We hope that someday we can see any of these epic battles on the big screen to give free rein to our imaginations.

Which Marvel and DC crossover would you like to see in the movies? We’ll read you in the comments.



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