Kevin Smith Says Russo Brothers & Quibi Slugfest Documentary Is Done
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Kevin Smith Announced The Russo Brothers Slugfest Documentary On Quibi Is Done

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BY August 2, 2020

The launch of Quibi, the mobile-platform streaming service, did not go…great. However, comic fans may have an excuse to try out at least their free trial for the service because it will host a documentary that details the greatest battle in comic book history: DC and Marvel. The project first hit the news back in November of last year, but there have been scant updates since. On Fatman Beyond, Kevin Smith announced that he spent the week watching Slugfest by the Russo Brothers, though the show apparently hasn’t yet premiered.

During the opening of his podcast (some of which is cut off in the link below), he talks about the stories they delve into. They talk about how, at one point during their careers, Jack Kirby created Funky Flashman for DC Comics as a dig at Stan Lee. Though the two comics legends eventually made up, Smith said it really hurt Lee’s feelings. While he was the consummate Marvel pitchman, he also wanted to raise the profile of all comics in the eyes of the entertainment world. Smith also talked about how they do “a deep dive” into the crafting of the Death of Superman storyline.

Apparently, the documentary series consists of interviews with the creators who were there, obviously. But to hear Smith tell it, it also has actor reenactments of scenes, which could be fun or strange depending on how they play it. (It got Smith’s seal of approval, including Sean Gunn as Stan Lee.) They also talk about how Doctor Strange became “the Sorcerer Supreme.”

So, while Slugfest (and the book it’s based on) is about the Marvel and DC rivalry, Kevin Smith revealed the Russo Brothers will give us a peek into the history of comics.

There is no release date yet for Slugfest on Quibi.

What do you think? Will you go to Quibi to watch Slugfest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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