Jim Lee Talks About Future of DC Comics After Dan Didio Exit at C2E2
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Jim Lee Talks About Future of DC Comics After Dan Didio Exit, DCEU Movies, and More at C2E2

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BY March 1, 2020

After Dan Didio was fired from DC Comics by executives at AT&T and Warner Bros., plenty of questions remained about the future of the company. At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2 for short) this weekend, DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee spoke about the future of DC Comics, including the movies. The biggest revelation is that despite sharing the publisher title with Didio for some years, he will not be replaced. That leaves Jim Lee as the sole publisher for DC, not counting Lee’s work developing animation and live-action projects. The legacy of Arrow and its spinoffs aside, this marks a tumultuous time for DC Comics. So much so, that Lee felt the need to clarify that DC Comics isn’t going anywhere.

The panel was wide-ranging. He even spoke about the fabled Snyder Cut. Though, Lee didn’t take a position on it. He just pleaded for DC fans to be fans first, and not put down other fans just because they do or do not like one person’s artistic vision. Lee started out by jokingly asking if they’d heard “any good rumors” lately. This seems to be a reference to the lunatic clickbait rumor that Warner Bros. was considered licensing DC properties to Marvel. Then he went on to clarify just how important DC is to Warner Bros. Jim Lee believes the future of DC Comics is bright even in the wake of Dan Didio being fired.

He said:

“DC has been around for 85 years, and we’ll be around for another 85 years. I hope to be doing this panel in 85 years. I am a very optimistic guy. And, look, we’re a huge, important part of warner bros. We’ve been with Warner Bros. for decades, and ultimately when you look at DC, the actual strategy of DC is to put publishing in the center of everything that we do. It is the source material that drives the media engine. You know, all these movies and tv shows and animated movies. Video games and merchandise. All that kind of stuff…. So, it is my intent, really, going forward as the publisher to lean into the collective years of experience that are on my team.”

This seems to be a thinly-veiled reference to the new management style in the offices. Jim Lee sees the future of DC Comics as more collaborative, perhaps, than Dan Didio did. Rumors have persisted that Didio’s style was one of micromanagement. Lee used his comments to show that he’s involved, but also that he trusts the storytellers working for him.

Lee also addressed two big questions in fans minds: the alleged “5G” reboot and the DC Extended Universe of films. He said that while 5G was still in the works, it wasn’t a reboot of the universe. He didn’t elaborate further, either because he doesn’t want to give anything away or because it’s being overhauled in the wake of Didio leaving.

When asked about created a shared universe, he gave a middling answer. He said that they were focused on making great single movies, and that they were taking their time to weave those properties together into a shared universe.

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