Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Will Close Its Doors (Kind Of)
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Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Will Close Its Doors…To Move To A New Location

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BY November 28, 2020

Kevin Smith is perhaps the most famous fanboy in the world. The rare filmmaker who often celebrates others’ work more than his own. Smith has long professed his love of comic books. The idea to set his films in the same universe was directly cribbed from Marvel Comics. He was the first person to put Stan Lee in a feature film. And, in the late 1990s, he opened his own store in his native New Jersey, which served as the location for Comic Book Men, an AMC reality series. In his recent podcasts, Smith said that the fate of his store was up-in-the-air. On Friday, Smith revealed that Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash would close its doors after 21 years. However, instead of going out of business, they are actually moving to an even larger space just a block down the road.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic decimated in-store retail sales and the production of entertainment, comic books shops were in trouble. The availability of digital comics and online retailers made going to the local comics spot unnecessary for folks to get their fix for their favorite heroes and titles. Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is no different, despite its connection to Smith and the Comic Book Men series. However, instead of closing down for good, Smith and company are doubling down and moving the store to a larger location currently under construction. This December, Smith says in a new video, the store will be set up to celebrate “the last gasp” of this somewhat iconic location.

As Smith said in the video:

“So, folks can come through the door. See the old girl one last time before we close the doors after the holidays. And then in the first or second week of January we’re going to open—have a grand opening of Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash, the new version.”

Part of this event will be a parade. The Buddy Christ, Smith’s friendly-looking Jesus icon from his film Dogma,  will be carried to the new store. Smith thanked his fans for their patronage at the old location. He added he’s begging “for even more years” of people shopping at the store.

Of course, for those of us not in Red Bank, New Jersey, we can visit the official website of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash online.

What do you think? Is it a good thing that Kevin Smith’s comic book store isn’t going anywhere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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