Jamal Igle - Interview With This Multifaceted Artist
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Interview With Jamal Igle Multifaceted Artist

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BY March 16, 2023

We love to see characters with incredible powers because it abstracts us from reality and allows us to live in impossible worlds. However, sometimes we forget that there are extraordinary men in the real world who are the minds behind these fantasy worlds. Today we are going to learn a little more about the creative process of artist Jamal Igle, who his references are, and how he trained to do what he does. 

Jamal Igle is a multifaceted artist who began his career when he was only 17. He worked his way up in the industry on his own merits until he made a name for himself. He was trained in prestigious institutions while combining his work as an intern at DC Comics. This background allowed him to make a niche at Majestic Entertainment in 1993.

After that, Igle continued to evolve and access new industry sectors. In 1999, he left comics for a while to work as a storyboard artist at Sony Animation. This experience caught the attention of Marvel Comics, where he began working on the New Warriors comic book series with Jay Faerber.

From that moment on, his career was plagued with work with prestigious IPs. In his portfolio, Jamal Igle can boast characters such as Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Iron Fist, and Wolverine. 

Now let’s dig in firsthand through an exclusive interview. Learn more about the creation and learning process of this multifaceted artist, Jamal Igle.

Q: Who are some of Jamal Igle’s artistic influences?

I’m influenced by a lot, actually. Mostly comic artists, of course, like Dave Stevens, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway, Steve Rude, Brian Bolland, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, and others, but I also love getting introduced to new artists. I’m a fan of film and animation also, having worked in both at various points in my career.

Q: What inspires you to create?

I love comics. I don’t know if it gets more complicated than that, frankly.

Q: What training did you have to become an artist?

I attended the High School of Art and Design, The Art Students League, and the School of Visual Arts, all based in New York City. Most of my art education is based around classical illustration and fine artists like Peak, Rockwell, and Sargent.

Q: What titles would you recommend to a novice?

I usually, depending on their tastes, either recommend SAGA or Paper Girls, both written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Fiona Staples and Cliff Chiang, respectively. If they’re more into superheroes, I’ll recommend something like Starman or Avenger Forever.

Q: You drew Martian Manhunter a long time ago. What is your opinion on the character’s version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

I’m not a fan, but we didn’t see that much of the character for me to form a real opinion about it.

Q: After having drawn almost all the characters of the main publishers, which character do you enjoy drawing the most?

It really depends. There are the power characters, which are always fun, but I also love real character work. The few times I’ve gotten to draw Batman were daunting. I don’t think I have ever really gotten a feel for drawing him. I love drawing Superman, though.

Q: Why comics? Why did Jamal Igle choose this drawing style (for comics) and these subjects (comic characters)?

I think, when it comes down to it, I found comics to be the most challenging form of art for me. I’m a storyteller. I love immersive worldbuilding, as well. Stylistically, it’s what I’m drawn to as a fan of art, but it also allows me to adapt my work to almost any genre.

Q: What advice do you have for young artists seeking a comic artist career?

To learn patience. Study classical illustration, and learn the basics of artistic structure. If you have access to a comics specific course, take advantage of it as well. That said, patience is the key. No one’s work is perfect; we all have flaws. If you rush your work, you’ll become frustrated with your perceived lack of progress, but that’s all it is perception.

Take your time, and develop your skill set. Remember that a career in art is a marathon, not a sprint. 

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