'Immortal Era' Issue #1 Sees A Dystopian Future Without Death
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‘Immortal Era’ Issue #1 Review: A Dystopian Future Without Death

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BY March 3, 2021

Immortal Era is the latest comic book that features a dystopian future, but with a twist. With death eradicated, the inhabitants of this world need death back in order to survive.

The story of the Immortal Era is unique. While it feels and looks like a zombie story, the premise is much more complex. Immortal Era takes place 200 years after the new Millennium, during which time no recorded death has taken place. While on the surface this seems like a great thing, there is much more to it than anyone could have imagined.

The Premise is Deeper Than Just Zombies

I’m stunned by the concept of Immortal Era. And that is without having read, or knowing anything about the story beyond issue #1. Immortality for all seems like a great idea. Remember Highlander? Imagine if everyone was Christopher Lambert. With Death becoming a foreign concept in the world, the population skyrockets. This brings all the socio-economic problems that you could assume; overcrowding, finite resources, finite spaces, and even more climate impact.

The society of Immortal Era has become just that, complex.  The world is divided and fractured where some have the privilege of living among humanity. And others hide underground, foraging and fighting tooth and nail to live. Oh, there’s also some mysterious creatures who seem like they’re involved with the no-death thing. This is a mystery that will unfold with the series.

A Review of Issue #1

The first issue of Immortal Era introduces us to this world and its lead cast of characters. Ari is a fiery young woman who narrates a part of the story. She’s joined by her sister Kimberly, a gorgeous, but seemingly superficial woman. Then there’s the floating head, Dr. Mann. While it’s unclear who, or what Mann is, he seems to be the brains of the operation.

Ari provides us with the back story of their ragtag group of survivors, who all owe a debt to a man only known as Father. Their story sees them attempting to survive in this separated world. While another one of them, the badass Miguel, is on a mission that could possibly save the world.

Cover for 'Immortal Era' Issue # 1. Image via Edward Davis


Immortal Era #1 is difficult to review on its own. Given that it is the first issue, there is a lot of story to establish, exposition to convey and mystery that is completely out of context. For now. But if the purpose of a first issue is to hook an audience, this does its job and more.

The series leaves readers with questions, but the “good” kind. Who are the Eaters? How do you save a world where Death doesn’t exist? What kind of society functions and forms within this chaos? So many questions that have to wait until the continuation of the run.

The Creators of Immortal Era and Their Journey

Written and Created by Edward Davis, Immortal Era was a Kickstarter project that successfully met its goal. With almost 100 backers, the Comic just shipped its first issue in August 2019.

Davis and his team have a varied range of backgrounds and experience. Davis himself is a teacher who has been writing in various forms since he was young. He also teaches the craft to others. Immortal Era and issue #1 is an idea that Davis has apparently had for 25 years.

An image from 'Immortal Era' # 1. Image via Edward Davis

Immortal Era’s artist is Cezar Oliveira, and despite his Kickstarter biography blurb stating that he’s been an artist for three years, his work doesn’t show it. Issue #1’s panels and artwork are incredibly polished and memorable. The character designs are unique and stand apart while adding to the richness of the story so far.

Viviana Spinelli is the colorist whose vibrancy and shading adds so much depth to the story and the world. And letterer Manny Hernandez is able to take Davis’ verbose dialogue and exposition and place them in a way that doesn’t feel crowded at all.

Immortal Era #1 works for a variety of reasons, the strongest of which is the story. In a market that’s oversaturated with stories about dystopian future and broken societies, Davis’ premise is strong and engaging enough to hook readers in right away.


Shah Shahid is an entertainment writer, movie critic (so he thinks), host of the Split Screen Podcast (on Apple Podcasts & everywhere else) and filmy father on a mission to educate his girls on decades of film history. Armed with uncontrollable sarcasm and cautious optimism, Shah loves discussing film, television and comic book content until his wife’s eyes glaze over. So save her by engaging him on his own blog at BlankPageBeatdown.com or on Twitter @theshahshahid.


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