October Faction Trailer From Netflix Further Cements It’s Horror Offerings
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Netflix’s October Faction Trailer Further Cements Its Horror Offerings

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BY January 7, 2021

The October Faction trailer showcases another Netflix original based on a graphic novel series. The horror-themed fantasy series is another of Netflix’s original creations that expand on their existing horror genre titles. In recent times the streamer has grown its catalog when it comes to providing the scares, and October Faction is yet another entry. 

The Horror Series’ Graphic Novel Origins

Netflix’s original dabbling into comic book content came with the collaborations with Marvel Studios creating the shared Defenders universe. Since then they’ve created many other originals based on comic book properties such as The Umbrella Academy, Happy! and the upcoming Locke And Key.

The Comic Book poster of October Faction trailer. Image via IDW.

October Faction is a graphic novel published by IDW written by Steve Niles and Damian Worm. The series focuses on a married duo of monster hunters who are part of a secret organization. After a tragic death in the family, the couple has to move their unsuspecting kids into a small town. As their kids deal with life in the slow lane, monster activity ramps up, and the town isn’t what it seems. The series is almost like Spy Kids meets R.I.P.D. 

Netflix’s Horror Content Grows With October Faction

The October Faction trailer has a great premise and a lot of potential. The show stars Tamara Taylor (Bones) and J. C. MacKenzie (The Irishman) as the married couple slash monster hunters. The two actors have a trademark dry wit, and excellent comic timing in many of their performances, and it seems like they’ll be bringing that to October Faction. The trailer showcases the monsters that they’ll be dealing with, and how their bored kids end up getting tangled in a monster mess of their own. It seems very clear from the October Faction trailer, as well as another comic book property, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, that Netflix is investing in horror. 

A poster for October Faction trailer. Image via Netflix.

October Faction Trailer Leaves Room For Improvement

In all honesty, the October Faction trailer is less than engaging. While the premise feels familiar, the trailer’s editing feels, forced and less than. The cutaway of jokes don’t land. The reveals of monsters feel like the special effects are incomplete. And the montage of quick cuts showing the sequences of events feel inconsistent and choppy, at best. 

October Faction’s showrunner is Damian Kindler, whose credits include Krypton, The Stargate franchise, and Sanctuary. All those shows have had a similar low-budget, B-movie vibe when it came to their visual effects. Those shows focused more on the heart of the character and innovative storytelling, than massive spectacle. So the, at times, cheesy visuals, were never an issue. Especially given that the shows were never big-budget network shows to begin with. But maybe that’s why I expected less of that look from a show on the biggest streaming platform. I guess only time will tell if that aesthetic is intentional, or if it’s just a shortcoming limited to the trailer alone.

Season 1 of October Faction premieres on Netflix on Jan 23, 2020. 

What did you think of the new October Faction trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.


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