Locke And Key Trailer Is Eerily Haunting And Visually Stunning
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Netflix’s Locke And Key Trailer Is Eerily Haunting And Visually Stunning

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BY January 8, 2020

After seemingly being stuck in developmental hell for years, Netflix’s Locke And Key trailer brings the graphic novel to the small screen. A story about a house haunted with otherworldly demons that hold the key (quite literally) to new adventures is something that looks wonderfully new and fresh. 

Locke And Key’s Graphic Novel Beginnings

Locke And Key is actually a graphic novel series published by IDW, created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez in 2008. The series features a story that goes back to the American Revolution where some find a portal to a different dimension. As demons attempt to enter the real world, they wither into clumps of Iron. A person named Locke then forges special keys out of those pieces of Iron, formerly demons from another world. So obviously, they’re magical. This allows the keys to open doors and portals to mysterious places and give the opener powers. The Keys are basically the plot devices that set up the entire story for Locke And Key. 

Locke And Key trailer poster of graphic novel. Locke And Key trailer Image via IDW.

The series did exceptionally well, being an original graphic novel story with new ideas and concepts that resonated with audiences and critics. So much so, that a film and eventual TV adaptation has been in the works for years. 

Locke And Key’s Journey To Netflix

The Locke And Key trailer marks the first official visual confirmation that the series is coming. This is important because, since 2010, some form of an adaptation has always been in development, only to fall through. Locke And Keye’s adaptation went from TV to film, then back to TV. The series was first with the Dimension production company, going over to Dreamworks later, then 20th Century Fox, Hulu, and finally settling on Netflix. There even was a pilot of an earlier series for Locke And Key, but it didn’t receive a full series order, and the pilot went nowhere. Eventually, the series landed at Netflix, with Andy Muschietti producing (It, It: Chapter 2) along with Carlton Cuse (Jack Ryan). The series was re-cast with new actors, and the visual style of the Locke And Key trailer definitely seems like it belongs at Netflix. 

Scene from Locke And Key trailer. Image via Netflix.

Unlocking The Locke And Key Trailer 

The Locke And Key trailer looks incredible. The trailer starts off quite slow and slowly builds. We begin with three siblings who move into a house referred to as the Keyhouse. As they begin to settle in, they discover keys throughout the house that open doors to different places, realms, and possibilities. The kids, along with others, also encounter someone who is after those keys, for their own nefarious purposes. Finding a link between the keys and their deceased father, the kids end up having to fight against evil, while reclaiming their legacy. 

The trailer is visually appealing and looks stunning. The special effects, when combined with the plain and realistic visuals of the house and backdrop, are contrastingly beautiful. The ensemble cast look interesting. While the trailer focused mostly on the VFX heavy scenes, the kids grab your interest, and you make you want to see more. The story isn’t revealed entirely, but just enough to make audiences curious. The Locke And Key trailer truly looks unlike other show of this caliber. 

Season 1 of Locke And Key will be available on Netflix on February 7. 

What did you think of the Locke And Key trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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