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DC Universe Infinite Relaunch Brings the Focus Back to Comics

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BY February 11, 2021

When the DC Universe streaming service first appeared, it seemed like it would change the game for comic book services. Original shows, classic movies and cartoons, and thousands of DC Comics—all for six bucks a month. Critics also asked, “Hey, how can you possibly keep that going at that price?” Well, they couldn’t. Slowly, we saw the DC Universe send their shows to HBOMax. But now, DC has announced a relaunch, DC Universe Infinite, which will focus on their comics, for a buck more than the old app used to be.

Why is the DC Universe App Relaunch Called Infinite?

DC Universe Infinite Relaunch, Wonder Woman, Future State, Infinite Frontier, Batman, Superman, Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, HBOMax That’s a lot of Wonder Woman! (Image: DC Comics)

Well, there are two good reasons for this. The first is that the content DC Universe is bringing to the relaunch certainly feels infinite. We’re getting a lot of titles. As their press release states:

With the largest collection of DC Comics found anywhere, fans can now dive into over 25,000 comic books and graphic novels on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE. Starting at launch, the platform will continuously add selections from DC’s iconic labels, Vertigo, DC Black Label and Milestone Media, the platform will also feature new comic releases six months after their in-store releases, as well as, Digital First titles available three months after launch, and brand new comic titles exclusive to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

That’s pretty good. Marvel Unlimited doesn’t work that fast or that big, and it’s $9.99 a month. And though Comixology has the best price and most diverse set of titles on their Unlimited service, they get the titles much slower.

There’s also a big relaunch (not reboot) coming to the DC Universe comics: Infinite Frontier. After Future State wraps, the DC Universe will look much different from it does now, with different eras of the DC Universe colliding.

Should You Sign Up for the New Service?

Wonder Woman, Future State, Infinite Frontier, Batman, Superman, Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, HBOMax Comics! Get yer comics! We got hot fresh comics here! (Image: DC Comics)

Honestly, if I had the money, I’d probably sign up for every comic book service. But it still comes down to what you want. If you primarily read DC Comics, then the DC Universe Infinite relaunch is the best service to go with. If you want a little bit of everything, then Comixology still wins. And of course, if you primarily read Marvel, go with them. The best thing that can come out of DC Universe Infinite is realistic competition.

The old service was a pipe dream. It might seem like you are losing content and paying more, but DC Universe Infinite is sustainable, where it wasn’t before the relaunch. Marvel Unlimited could get away with $9.99 a month because one, it was the only game in town, and two, that still isn’t a bad price. You can read the entire Infinity Epic from Starlin to Hickman for ten bucks. But since they have to keep up with DC Universe Infinite, we might see some new offers. DC and Marvel have always been at their best when they when their competition was at their best. Hopefully, this is one of those times.

Oh, and Comixology? You do you, babe. We love you just the way you are. But of course, more Unlimited titles would be great.


Roman Colombo finished his MFA in 2010 and now teaches writing and graphic novel literature at various Philadelphia colleges. His first novel, Trading Saints for Sinners, was published in 2014. He's currently working on his next novel and hoping to find an agent soon.


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