Who is Isis? A Look At The Characters In The Upcoming Movie
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Who is Isis? A Look At The Characters In The Dc’s Upcoming Black Adam Movie

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BY July 5, 2022

Isis is one of the characters we will see in the upcoming Black Adam movie, which is just a few months away from premiering in theaters. We have seen Isis previously in The Secrets of Isis and will see her next in this new movie. She possesses healing powers as the goddess Isis and notably influences Black Adam. It is likely because of the similar origin of both being slaves of the Egyptian government, although in different eras.

They would form a family and protect the city of Kahndaq and, at the same time, protect and save abandoned and enslaved children, trying to find and save Isis’s brother. They would have great adventures in the process with Shazam’s support.

Who is Isis?

Isis Image: DC Comics

Who is this character, and what’s her relationship with Black Adam? Isis was a slave named Adrianna who Intergang gave Black Adam, claiming she was the most beautiful slave in Egypt. Black Adam kills Intergang’s messenger and takes off, leaving the young woman behind.

Isis heads to Black Adam’s village, and when he sees she is not afraid, he accepts her as a refugee in his village. They would make a friendship and then a more intimate relationship, marrying some time later. Black Adam asks Shazam to help turn Adrianna into one of Shazam’s champions.

To achieve this, he gets an amulet that belongs to the goddess Isis and, with the help of Shazam, manages to activate it. The moment she says the phrase “I am Isis,” she obtains the goddess’s powers. She would spend her life by Black Adam’s side until the moment of his death at the hand of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Origin and Biography

Isis Black Adam Image: DC Comics

Isis’s origin is not so old since it originates after Black Adam’s awakening. Intergang gives Isis as a gift to obtain favors from Black Adam, along with 2000 million dollars in gold. That displeases Black Adam, who kills the messenger and leaves Adrianna behind.

She goes to the city of Kahndaq, a town that Black Adam ruled and protected. Adrianna requests entrance, obtaining permission from the antihero to stay as a refugee. Adrianna’s courage and lack of fear were qualities that attracted attention from the beginning.

Black Adam was a tyrant who mercilessly killed villains, criminals, and other organizations at that time. He bloodthirstily murdered anyone who attacked his land. In fact, he dismembered the messenger who tried to take Adrianna and sent his parts to Intergang’s house.

Adrianna would talk a lot with him about her life and impressions. Gradually she would gain Black Adam’s sympathy, who would continue to speak to her. She would tell him that he could show more compassion for others and show himself as a more benevolent person and less bloodthirsty as he had led the world to believe. Black Adam would follow her advice little by little and fall in love with Adrianna, looking for a way to give her powers.

To achieve this, he seeks the amulet of Isis buried in the tomb where he was. The charm would have belonged to another champion of the magician Shazam called Pharoah Hatshepsut, a queen of the XV dynasty. She would fight to bring prosperity and peace to her people, but her amulet would become powerless and inactive upon her death.

To activate it, Black Adam asked Shazam to use his magic to bring it back to life. Shazam would help him return the power to the amulet.

Adrianna and Black Adam’s Power Couple

Isis Black Adam Image: DC Comics

When Adrianna said, “I am Isis,” she would have the goddess’ abilities, forming a hero couple with Black Adam. She would help him keep the peace in the city, and soon she would accept Black Adam’s marriage proposal. At the wedding came several people, including the Marvel family. Thus began the Black Marvel family, which would continue to grow after that.

Black Adam and Isis would not only protect Kahndaq, but they would also initiate the rescue of young men all over Egypt. The reason was that Isis was looking for her brother Aron, who separated from her long ago. They rescue many young men in the process, healing them and taking care of them in the city until they find Aron.

Isis’ brother received much physical abuse from his captors. They prevented him from walking, which saddened Isis at the time. To help them, Black Adam decided to share his powers with Aron, as he had seen Shazam do at the time, and thus Osiris, the new member of the Black Marvel family, was born.

Isis was happy to have her brother safe and sound beside them. They fought to protect Kahndaq successfully from many attacks. However, the most significant and that would have a great impact on their lives was the Suicide Squad‘s attack on the city. They managed to repel them without problem, but Osiris would accidentally kill a member of this team. Amanda Waller used this fact to discredit the Black Adam family before the world. Persuasorr’s death did not affect either Black Adam or Isis, but Osiris.

Intergang Tricks Isis’ Brother, Osiris

Osiris Image: DC Comics

Osiris is dismayed, and a crocodile named Sobek appears in the city. Sobek tells Osiris that if he is so disturbed, he should return the powers to Black Adam. Osiris listens to him; at that moment, the crocodile eats him. Sobek was one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse Intergang sent to kill them.

Black Adam defeats Sobek destroying his jaw, and later, he goes to Intergang’s house to avenge Aron’s death. However, the rest of the horsemen would be waiting for them, having an all-out battle. The horseman of pestilence would contaminate both Adam and Isis. Isis would turn away the effects on Black Adam, and before dying, she would tell him to forget his benevolence advice and never show mercy to anyone.

Isis would die at that moment, and Black Adam would go into a deep depression. He would seek to revive her by any means possible. Black Adam would go through several cities where various heroes, including Batman and Shazam, watched after him. They needed to prevent Black Adam from causing damage in a fit of anger and sadness.

Black Adam would devote himself to reviving his wife, his first attempt at the source of Lazarus of Ra’s Al Ghul. Iris would return to life momentarily, but she could not resurrect as her body was missing a finger. Black Adam would go to one of Doctor Fate‘s versions, Felix Faust. Faust would tell Black Adam that he should again collect the amulet of Isis that was divided into four parts.

Faust temporarily restored Black Adam’s powers, which he had lost for unknown reasons, and told him to avoid using them too much or Isis wouldn’t resurrect. Black Adam got the fragments and took them to Fate’s Tower, but he told Black Adam he had abused his powers and couldn’t revive Isis.

Faust’s Control Over Isis

Faust Image: DC Comics

That was Faust’s deception, who cast the real spell to revive Isis sometime after Black Adam left. He cursed to bind Isis to himself and bring her into submission. Isis was forced to do what Faust wanted, even paralyzing her to sleep with her.

Isis would not stay quiet and sent signals to Black Adam using her powers. She showed a bloody flower to this metahuman, and he soon understood who she was. She would continue to send clues, one of which was roses that formed Shazam’s lightning bolt and indicated where she was.

Black Adam went to the place immediately, and upon finding Faust with Isis, he released her from the mystic’s control and was reunited with his wife. However, circumstances would have radically changed Isis. She castrated Doctor Fate for what he did to her, showing little mercy for him.

They would unite in a plan to cleanse the entire world, imparting their justice, as Black Adam would have initiated at the time. Black Adam and Isis would attack the Rock of Eternity, Shazam’s location. They banished him from the place, leaving a sad Billy on earth.

The Justice Society united to fight Black Adam and Isis and help Billy in the process. However, everything became more complicated when Mary Marvel joined them in their cause, making the fight more and more difficult. This trio would defeat them one by one. Isis would even throw Mr. Terrorific into the mist in the eternal stone, a place from which no one has returned so far.

Justice Society Image: DC Comics

The fight continued transporting everyone to earth and Black Adam’s home city. Citizens supported him and Isis upon return, cheering them on in the battle. At that time, Isis would eliminate the citizens, pointing out they were part of the planet’s corruption.

Black Adam Takes Isis’ Powers

Black Adam realized that Isis was no longer the wife he loved but was corrupted by her power. He began to immobilize her and asked Shazam to remove her powers. Black Adam finally managed to immobilize her, allowing Shazam to remove her powers and turn them into stone.

After the battle, the Justice Society of America left them in place. However, a sinister shadow appeared and would declare that he already had his next champions. It was Osiris who took the statues to a hideout he had together with Deathstroke. The latter wants these two magical beings to be his titans and Osiris to free both Isis and Black Adam. They release Isis; however, in this reincarnation, she cannot control her powers or body and reacts violently. She calms down, goes to the city Kahndaq and assumes her role as ruler, seeking to make this kingdom great.


Isis appears in all the comics related to Black Adam’s story. She narrates her story with the antihero. Isis would have a couple of appearances in a participation show called The Secrets of Isis. She also had a remastering in 2006 and then moved on to the version we will see soon by Sarah Shahi.

First appearance: The Secrets of Isis

The first appearance of this character was in 1975 in the show The Secrets of Isis, starring Joanna Cameron. It was the second part of The Shazam!/Isis Hour.

Appearances in the 1970s DC comics

Wonder Woman Image: DC Comics

After this show, we would see Isis in DC Comics in the 1970s, after this company bought the rights to Black Adam. She would appear in several DC publications after her appearance in the TV show mentioned above.

New Isis Incarnation (2006)

A new version of this character was introduced in the DC world in 2006. This one would be shown as a female version of Black Adam, as a part of Shazam. She would also have an appearance in a Wonder Woman comic.

The New 52

In a 2006 series called The New 52, we see this character named Adrianna Tomaz, part of the Black Marvel family. A Marvel Champions-style family but in a dark and twisted way.

Brightest Day

This appearance took place in 2010 and lasted one year. This comic was about 12 villains and 12 heroes who were resurrected; no one knows why. Among them would be Isis, and we saw several of her adventures with the rest of the characters from June 2010 to June 2011.

Isis’ Powers

Image: DC Comics

Isis’ powers are varied and may even be superior to Black Adam’s in some cases. She possesses several similarities, such as flight, super strength, super speed, and invulnerability. She also has additional powers, such as creating spells. Isis also has telekinesis (moving objects with her mind). She can also alter the molecular structure of things so that people can pass through them without any problem.

Isis also possesses remote vision, which allows her to observe distant places. She can also alter time flow, stopping and even reversing it. Isis activates her powers through a ritual, chanting mantras, and Egyptian incantations. She is one of the DC characters who are part of Shazam and Black Adam’s story.

Isis has incredible powers and was the person who calmed the violent spirit in Black Adam at one point. She would join him in many battles and moments until he died.

This character has had several appearances in the DC world in different versions and forms. Now we will see her in the new Black Adam movie as part of this antihero’s history. Hopefully, the film covers this character’s history, considering that the Doctor Fate we’ll see is not Felix Faustus but Kent Nelson’s version.

Featured Image Via DC Comics/Warner Bros. Discovery


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