Tom Ellis Closes Contract Deal, Lucifer Season 6 Pickup Likely Imminent
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Tom Ellis Closes Contract Deal, Lucifer Season 6 Pickup From Netflix Likely Imminent

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BY April 28, 2022

The Devil may be in the details, but he’s finally happy with them. A new report says that Lucifer season 6 is almost guaranteed as Tom Ellis closes a deal for a new contract with Netflix. This means that the crime-solving Devil (it makes sense, don’t overthink it) isn’t finished with his vacation on the mortal plane just yet. We still don’t know when Lucifer will return to Netflix. The current rumor is that they had mere days of shooting left before COVID-19 shut everything down and everyone in. Still, when they go back to work it won’t be to bid farewell to the show just yet.

The Lucifer on Netflix is not your typical Satan, born from comics not scripture. This version of the Lord of Hell drew inspiration from John Milton’s take on the mythical figure but was created by Neil Gaiman. Later, Mike Carey gave the character a life of his own as a piano bar owner in Los Angeles, California. The series changed things up a bit. Now, he owns a nightclub (with a piano in it). He also partners with Lauren German’s Detective Chloe Decker to hunt down and punish criminals. So, while it is a murder procedural, it’s one where angels and demons fistfight (among other things), new universes are created (off-screen), and bottle episodes set in Hell.

On paper, the show shouldn’t work. But it does. It’s a fun series that is eminently rewatchable. That Tom Ellis worked out a deal on his contract for Lucifer season 6 is good news for both fans and Netflix.

How The Fans Saved Lucifer, Again

Lucifer on Netflix Image via Twitter

The show originally ran on Fox but ended up canceled after it’s third season. The network, at the time, needed to clear up the schedule for their sports offerings. Fans took to Twitter using the hashtag #SaveLucifer, and damned if Netflix didn’t hear them. The fourth season debuted last May with a tight ten episodes. The finale served nicely as a series ending, albeit a bleak one. Netflix notoriously cancels series after they’ve amassed two or three seasons. With four seasons in total, fans had some 67 episodes to binge. Yet, this time, the producers and cast had a plan.

When Lucifer season 4 debuted, they organized the fans to flood social media with posts, hashtags, and conversation about the show. And, like before, it worked but with a catch. Netflix would bring the show back for one more season, allowing the writers to give it a deliberate end. But, the so-called “Lucifans” didn’t want the show to end. So, they used the power of their social media reach to again demand that Netflix renew the show. Apparently, the executives at Netflix liked what they’ve seen of Season 5, though all we’ve seen is Inbar Lavi’s Eve, a shot from Ladies’ Night, and episode titles. Either way, they wanted more Lucifer as well.

Around Valentine’s Day, a story leaked that Netflix and Warner Bros. Television engaged in talks to continue the show for at least one more season. At the time, we thought it might be a negotiating tactic. However, if it was, it didn’t quite work out as planned. In April, we reported that Lucifer season 6 was in jeopardy, because they couldn’t make a deal with their Devil. Tom Ellis rejected the offer from Netflix and Warner Bros. for him to return.

How the New Tom Ellis Contract Might Be a Bigger Deal Than Lucifer Season 6

Netflix Renew Lucifer Season 6 SIX Tom Ellis Contract Deal Image by Erik Voake via FOX

Luckily for so-called Lucifans, Tom Ellis agreed to a new contract and the deal for Lucifer season 6 seems all but done, according to Deadline. Netflix hasn’t announced the pickup officially yet, and they probably won’t until after season 5 premieres. Now, it’s possible that Ellis took a pay cut to save the show and wanted to recoup some of that loss. Yet, given that everyone else had a deal in place already, one has to wonder if Netflix didn’t want more than just Lucifer season 6 from him. An autograph and behind-the-scenes photo seller revealed that Ellis shot scenes as Lucifer for the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event on the CW. Perhaps Netflix and Warner Bros. Television wanted another such crossover for one of their forthcoming projects.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is finally getting the live-action adaptation fans wanted for decades as a series on Netflix. In the series, Lucifer makes two very important appearances over what would be the first two seasons. It would make sense if they wanted Ellis to reprise his role in order to give that “shared universe” vibe to the show. It would also mean that fans of the show who are more into the romance than the mythology would likely tune in for the series. I speculate, that negotiations for this were a part of that conversation. Of course, it’s also possible that the storytellers behind the Sandman series will go with another actor for Lucifer entirely. Though, Warner Bros. TV has a history with holding on to actors who play a role particularly well. Matt Ryan has played John Constantine on his own abruptly canceled series, on Legends of Tomorrow, and in DC animated features like Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. (And Ryan’s Constantine knows Ellis’ Lucifer!)

So what do you think? Did Tom Ellis hold out on his new contract for a deal that involved Lucifer season 6 and the Sandman series? Or did the Devil just want his due? Tell us what you think below!

Featured image via Warner Bros. Television

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