Superman And Lois Premiere Date Announced In First Official Trailer
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Superman And Lois’s First Official Trailer Is More More Concept Art Than Teaser

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BY December 30, 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full-blown Superman TV show on the air. While Supergirl was an amazing substitute, becoming more than its initial concept, its cancellation is set after the new season. So to fill the void, spinning off from Supergirl, the Superman And Lois premiere date is fast approaching. Naturally, we also now have the first official trailer from the new CW-Verse show. Although, it’s less trailer or even teaser, and more basically concept art, done stylishly. Which is great? 

Superman And Lois Premiere Date Announced In New Teaser

Superman And Lois premiere date trailer. Image via Screen Grab.

After a string of cancellations from The CW when it comes to the DC TV shows, Superman And Lois will be one of its brand new ones. With Black Lightning joining Supergirl in another cancellation, a lot of eyes are on this new show from the network. By all accounts, the new series looks to have an interesting premise, one that is very different from other iterations of Superman that we saw before

This version of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) is going to be a family with the duo raising kids. Already, the First Couple of comic books will be dealing with something different. A premise that doesn’t involve secret identities and leading double lives. Although, depending on how much the kids know, there may be plot points involving daddy being the world’s greatest superhero. Earlier today, The CW just dropped a new teaser ahead of the show’s February 23 premiere. Keeping in tone with this sentimental, and potentially sappy, emotional new series, the new teaser focuses on the new family, with a voice-over by Superman himself. 

The Teaser Is All Metaphor, Meaning, And Motion Graphics? 

With the Superman And Lois premiere date less than 60 days aways, the new trailer should have set the stage for what to expect from the new show. Instead, we have a very philosophical and sentimental message from a ‘trailer’ that doesn’t really show a lot of footage. Or rather, any footage, if you really watch carefully. Instead, the first Superman And Lois trailer is more still images, edited together in a collage style, Facebook-filter-ridden slideshow that gives us glimpses, and nothing else. Now, to be fair, this could be because they may not have much complete footage or VFX shots to create a proper trailer just yet. And if that is the case, this is actually an ingenious approach, motivated more by necessity than choice. 

The trailer looks a lot like the motion comics that were a thing before. Or rather how big comic books or graphic novels get trailers themselves, animating the panels to make it more dynamic and bold. Which is great for content that is on the page. But for a TV show, I expect more—you know—moving images. There’s also no mention or reference of the other half to the titular character, Lois Lane, anywhere. The teaser isn’t all bad though. Hoechlin’s Superman was always more uplifting and hopeful than most new incarnations of the iconic character. So his super emo message of love and family completely fits in this version of Superman. But for a first trailer, meant to hype us up for the new show, this isn’t the best. 

The new Superman And Lois premiere date is set for February 23, 2020. 

Are you excited for a new Superman and family series? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via The CW. 

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