Report: Warner Bros. and Netflix In Talks for to Renew Lucifer for Season 6
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Warner Bros. and Netflix In Talks for to Renew Lucifer for Season 6 Extending Series Past ‘Final’ Season

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BY January 7, 2021

When Lucifer made its triumphant return on Netflix after being canceled by Fox, fans of the series took to Twitter to immediately lobby for a new season. Eventually, they got the news they hoped for, but it came with some bad news, too. Lucifer would come back for another season, but it would be the final one in the series. Yet, since then, glimmers of hope for the show’s future allowed fans to latch on to the idea that Lucifer season 5 wouldn’t be as final as suggested. In a surprise move, Netflix announced they extended Lucifer’s final season by six episodes. Instead of the normal Netflix 10, they’d do a total of 16 episodes to close out the show. Yet, a new report suggests that Warner Bros. and Netflix are in talks to bring Lucifer back for a season 6, even before the next season premieres.

Counting the Fox-produced episodes, Lucifer is already one of the longest-running Netflix originals, with 77 episodes. Also, the streamer is known to cut shows without remorse. From canceling the troubled Insatiable after two seasons to cancelling the popular One Day at a Time, Netflix is not a place for long-running shows. So, while Netflix has only produced 26 episodes of the series so far, Lucifer is the sort of exclusive content they love. There are a lot of episodes to binge and a loyal fanbase who will stay subscribed. (As part of the deal to save Lucifer, Netflix won exclusive streaming rights to the rewatchable series.) Also, they have another Warner Bros. property in development right now, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. 

Why Warner Bros. and Netflix Would Want to Renew Lucifer for Season 6 At All?

Netflix Renew Lucifer Season 6 SIX Tom Ellis Image by Erik Voake via FOX

There are a lot of things working against Lucifer in the age of the Streaming Wars. With HBO Max on the horizon, Netflix and Warner Bros. are soon to be competitors. Since media giants want to consolidate their properties, Lucifer seemed destined to go the way of the Marvel/Netflix collaboration. However, despite a message from producers saying they would be able to write a real ending for the show, fans demanded more. Since the last season premiered, “Lucifans” post all day on social media asking for Netflix to renew the series. Even more interesting, the final season is in production. So, if Warner Bros. and Netflix are in talks to renew Lucifer for season 6, it must mean they love what they are seeing.

The news of the discussions was first reported by and later confirmed by Deadline. This sort of leak to the press is likely meant to show one party how happy this will make fans. This doesn’t mean the deal is a lock, however. In fact, this may be a negotiating tactic. When the standoff between Disney and Sony threatened Spider-Man in the MCU, fans looked for one of the partners to blame. Say Warner Bros. wants to cancel Lucifer simply to start the clock ticking about when they’ll get the rights back. If they are the ones who walk away from the talks now, Lucifer fans will be very angry at them. If Netflix wants to cancel the show because they have to keep paying to license the characters, they become the bad guys.

Hopefully, it’s nothing so dramatic. Lucifer is a show that works incredibly well despite its silly premise, a “crime-solving devil.” If Warner Bros. and Netflix renew Lucifer for season 6, everyone wins.

What do you think? Should they end Lucifer or bring the show back for at least one more go? Tell us in the comments.

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