Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Reveals Huge Animated Event 
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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Reveals A Massive DC Animated Event 

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BY April 29, 2020

The Justice League Dark: Apokolips War trailer is finally online. And it looks like a massive undertaking. The trailer shows us an epic Avengers: Endgame-level team-up movie. One that takes place in its own shared universe. Apokolips War is part of DC’s Animated Movie Universe that has been going on since 2013. Apokolips War it’s just its latest story, but it is an epic one featuring one of DC’s most dangerous villains.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Is Latest In DC’s Animated Movie Universe

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War poster Image via WB Animation.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and its slate of live-action films has always been divisive.  Movies like Aquaman and Wonder Woman were box office hits. But others, such as Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman failed to live up to expectations. On the other hand, DC’s animated feature films have been churning out great content for decades. So much so that there’s been many iterations and universes within the animated DC movies. 

The first of which, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU), began with the Batman: The Animated Series. The movies and series were mostly standalone or adaptations of comic book storylines. Only the creators were the same, carrying over from film to film. The DCAU featured some of the best stories involving DC Comics’ characters. The DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU), however, follows the shared universe model. The DCAMU began with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. And the movies that followed were mostly sequels in the same universe. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War falls in this continuity. The film is also a direct sequel to 2017’s Justice League Dark. 

What Is Apokolips War All About? 

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War The JLA Image via WB Animation.

Fans of DC Comics will no doubt recognize the title of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Apokolips is the home planet of one of DC Comics’ biggest villains, Darkseid. It’s a villain that has dogged the Justice League time and time again in the comics. Darkseid was also set to appear in the live-action Justice League movie. Now it looks like this animated shared universe is also leading to a showdown with the villain. Darkseid’s goals usually vary depending on the the story. But it usually consists of a variation of destroying all living things, and then wanting to start over on his terms.

Not to be too comparative, but he’s essentially the Thanos of the DC Comics Universe. Albeit, with slightly different motivations. The ending of Reign Of The Supermen, actually teased that a battle was upcoming with Darkseid. And so Justice League Dark: Apokolips War has all the DC heroes teaming up to take down Darkseid. 

The Justice League Dark Apokolips Trailer

The trailer for the new movie, released by IGN, is a little insane. While I wasn’t too impressed with how the synopsis unfolded, it’s still impressive in scope. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War shows us that there is a huge and imminent threat to Earth.  So Superman, John Constantine and Raven have to round up the troops, for a huge battle. And there’s more characters than your commonly known DC heroes. Superman, Batman, Cyborg, and other members of the core Justice League are in the trailer. We also see characters from the Titans like Raven and Robin. There’s also Constantine from the first Justice League Dark animated movie. So it’s basically a who’s who of DC characters all banding together for a common goal. The trailer itself focuses on the largest team-up of DC characters in one movie. It’s shaping up to be an epic showdown in Apokolips War. 

I’m also glad to see that the new 52-style of animation that the DCAMU began with is still prevalent in this movie. The animation lends itself to a more cleaner and accessible animated movie. Something that fans and general audiences alike can enjoy. And on top of its characters, Apokolips War also boasts of the largest voice cast of any DC movie. The cast list includes Jerry O’Connell, Matt Ryan, Rosaio Dawson, Tony Todd, Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson and countless others. 

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War releases on Blu ray and digital later this year. 

What did you think of the new Justice League animated trailer? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media handles. 

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