Black Lightning May Show Up In Future CW Crossovers (Maybe)
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Black Lightning May Show Up In Future CW Crossovers, According To Actor

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BY February 2, 2022

The Black Lightning series finale brought a (too soon) end to the landmark series on the CW. However, since Crisis On Infinite Earths united all the Arrowverse heroes on Earth-Prime, the saddest part of the series ending is that the characters will not appear in future crossovers between the shows. Or will they? Actor Cress Williams recently revealed that producers for The Flash approached him about doing some work with them next season, and he’s game. So, at the very least, we may see Black Lightning in future CW crossovers despite the character’s “retirement.”

During the last CW crossover, the character on who’s back this extended universe was built hung up his bow and hood. Yet, what softened the blow of the Green Arrow’s death was a scene showing all the surviving heroes sitting down at a table in the Hall of Justice. This promised that the next time the Earth was under threat, the league that may or may not dole out justice would be there to face the threat. Yet, with Black Lightning filming in Atlanta and the rest of the shows up in Vancouver, crossovers were a logistical nightmare. So, the silver lining for the end of Black Lightning is that we may get to see these characters more often than we otherwise would have in the larger world of Earth-Prime.

Of course, nothing is yet for certain about future CW crossovers featuring Black Lightning. Williams revealed that informal talks began in an “exit interview” he gave to Entertainment Weekly. He revealed that he “tweaked” the dialogue in the final scene of the series in order to leave open the possibility that Black Lightning would fly again.

Williams said:

“The original piece of dialogue said that I full-on retire. I don’t know if any of these things are going to come to fruition, so they’re not set in stone, but I have had people from The Flash reach out, asking if I’d come do some work with them. So, they had kind of tentatively reached out months before we shot the finale. So, in anticipating me leaving that door open, and anticipation of that being a possibility, that’s why I changed it slightly to basically say, ‘I’m done in Freeland and just kind of like giving Freeland over to my daughters.’ So that if I show up somewhere else, I haven’t contradicted anything.”

Williams said that since he and his family are moving from Atlanta back to California, it would be much easier for him to go to Vancouver for short stints on the Arrowverse shows. He also said that he and Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, have similar approaches to their work. He said that the scene he shot with Gustin during the Crisis event was one of his favorites, and that he hopes to get the chance to revisit that relationship in the next season of The Flash. Now that Black Lightning won’t be in production at the same time, Williams revealed that Black Lightning could be around for “a couple of episodes” next season.

first black lesbian superhero on TV Black Lightning Anissa Nafessa Williams Thunder Featured Image via CW

This also means that Nafessa Williams and Chantal Thuy, a married superhero couple, could show up on Batwoman. While Javica Leslie’s Ryan Wilder may be the first to lead an entire series, Anissa Pierce was the first Black lesbian superhero on TV. It would be very fitting for these heroes to team up, plus it would be nice to see her and Chantal Thuy’s Wylde again.

Personally, I wish that Black Lightning had been given a few more seasons, yet it will be a small consolation if the characters show up in future CW crossovers.

Black Lightning is currently available on the CW site and Netflix.

What do you think? Will characters from Black Lightning appear in future CW crossovers? What shows do you hope they cross over with? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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