The Batgirl Movie Release Date Appears To Be In Time For The Holidays!
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The Batgirl Movie Release Date Appears To Be Coming Just In Time For The Holidays!

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BY April 25, 2022

Looks like DC fans can already look forward to the winter holidays because directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi’s Batgirl movie release date appears to be this December! The movie, which will be released on HBO Max, stars In the Height‘s Leslie Grace, and is going to focus on the Barbara Gordon version of the superhero. Michael Keaton is already making his return as Batman in Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash, but it was later announced that his Caped Crusader would also be in Batgirl. The movie is also bringing back JK Simmon’s Commissioner Gordon and introducing Brendan Fraser as the supervillain, Firefly. Trans actress Ivory Aquino will play Alysia Yeoh, Barbara Gordon’s best friend. With so much star power and a kickass cast, it’s no wonder that people are anticipating when the film will be released.

How Do We Know The Batgirl Movie Release Date?

batgirl movie Image via Warner Bros.

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse; for Batgirl producer Michael Uslan it might be more of the latter. He posted on social media a picture of Michael Keaton’s Batman shadow along with the caption “Coming in November… and December… or whenever… Michael Keaton returns.” It has since been edited, although whether it was to cover up Uslan’s mistake is unknown. Eagle-eyed Twitter user @bigscreenleaks used it as a source to confirm that Batgirl would be getting a December 2022 release. See the tweet below:

While Warner Bros. hasn’t officially confirmed anything, it seems likely that December will be the premiere month. Another Twitter user mentioned that leaked on-set photos appear to be designed to make it appear as if it’s around Christmas time. The Flash movie is going to come out November 4, 2022, so it actually makes a lot of sense for Batgirl to come out shortly afterward, especially if Keaton’s Batman is going to act as a mentor of sorts to her. Barbara Gordon could potentially be joining the rest of the Justice League in other DC films to come. Muschietti as well as others on The Flash team talked about how the movie would be an introduction to the DC multiverse during DC Fandome, something that the comics publisher has struggled with while Marvel has succeeded in. He said:

“I can’t tell you a lot about the future of this, the future of the Multiverse in DC, but I can tell you I’m very excited about it as a filmmaker cracking this acorn and opening the window to new adventures in the Multiverse is super exciting. The Multiverse has been a thing in the comic book world for decades, and decades, and decades, and I think it’s a good time to take it into (the movies). It’s also very special that our Multiverse is not just a Multiverse of characters, it’s a Multiverse of films. It’s a cinematic Multiverse as you might already know by looking at the names that are showing up like Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, it’s very exciting and one of the reasons that I got closer and closer to this project.”

With that being said, I can’t wait for December to see how everything in the DCEU will (potentially) all fit together!

Batgirl appears to have a premiere date of December 2022. 

Whether December is the real Batgirl movie release date isn’t for certain, but continue to follow Comic Years for all the latest updates. Regardless of when it comes out, are you excited about the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via Leslie Grace’s Instagram

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