Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Has A Lot Going On
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There Is A Lot Going On In The Umbrella Academy’s New Season 2 Character Posters

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BY January 7, 2021

The Umbrella Academy season 2 character posters are not the trailer that we were all eagerly awaiting. Instead, we got posters that are more detailed than the ones released last year. There was a fun date announcement video, but it didn’t feature any new footage or looks into season 2. So when the show teased something coming soon, a trailer was the first thing on everyone’s mind. But the posters we got are not at all disappointing, since they are very in-depth. Not to mention some head-scratching aspects that definitely seem to tease what may come in Umbrella Academy season 2. 

Umbrella Academy Season 1 Really Put The ‘fun’ In Dysfunctional

The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s better comic book adaptations. The series follows the graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics by Gerald Way and Gabriel Ba. Released in 2019, season 1 introduced us to the Hargreeves family. The Netflix original was about a weird group of adopted children with powers, raised by an old rich man. Their intended purpose was to become a superhero team. But the emotional trauma received due to their upbringing caused them all to separate in adulthood. Season 1 is all about how they have to come together to stop (almost) an apocalyptic threat, despite their better judgment. 

Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy was great because it was a superhero TV series that featured flawed and messed up characters. Not at all on the scale of Amazon Prime’s The Boys, but still subverting the tropes of what we expect from superheroes. The characters’ flaws were due to their lives just not working out how they expected, something that is very relatable. The season 1 finale saw the group having to time travel to escape the end of the world, potentially becoming lost in time. And that’s the focus of The Umbrella Academy season 2 character posters. 

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Reveal A Lot

Umbrella Academy season 2 character posters Klaus. Images via Netflix.

Umbrella Academy’s official Twitter account put out the new season 2 character posters. The posters feature each of the seven Hargreeves children, with their faces covered by umbrellas. However, the most interesting part of the posters is the character looks and their clothes. Not knowing what time period they all ended up in, the clues are all over the place. Even though the posters seem pretty straightforward.

 Vanya (Ellen Page), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), and Luther (Tom Hopper) all look like the characters we’ve grown to love in season 1. Their clothes, styling and feel very much in tune to their arcs. Although Allison’s outfit looks very 60’s, possibly providing a clue as to where they may be. Ben (Justin H. Min) also looks the same, but that’s understandable given his character’s status in the entire series. However, it’s the others that are more interesting. 

When Are They In Umbrella Academy Season 2

The poster featuring Klaus (Robert Sheehan) looks interesting, but provides little clues as to the new season. Klaus is shown shirtless in a Prince-like jacket, which for any other character would be intriguing. But given Klaus’ dramatic and flamboyant sense of style, it might not be a clue at all. But then again, he could be in the Victorian-era England for all we know. Then there’s Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) who is in the same clothes we’re used to seeing him in, but is older and taller? This also could be irrelevant given that Gallagher is the youngest actor of the cast, and this could just be him aging between production. The most noticeable aspect of Five’s poster is the blood splatter and creepy smile on his face. What that implies is something we still have to figure out. 

The most glaring part of the Umbrella Academy season 2 character posters is Diego’s (David Castaneda). Diego looks completely different with much longer hair. If that has something to do with time travel or if it’s just an aesthetic change is still unknown. It’s possible that Diego could have, somehow, spent more time apart from the others. With time travel as the main plot device of the series, anything is possible. There’s also the mystery of what Diego is holding. While everyone else in the season 2 character posts are just holding their umbrellas, Diego’s got something else too. The long and thin object is different from the blades he usually wields, lending some more mystery towards season 2. 

The Umbrella Academy season 2 premieres on Netflix on July 31. 

What did you think of the new Umbrella Academy season 2 character posters? 

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