The Orville Comic from Dark Horse Debuts in July

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BY June 25, 2019

One of the most surprising television hits of 2019 is the sci-fi space epic from Seth MacFarlane, best known for crude, animated comedies on the Fox Network. After the success of Family Guy, American Dad, and even The Cleveland Show, MacFarlane earned a new live-action dramedy set in deep space. With just 13 episodes per season, fans are left clamoring for more stories set in this derivative-but-unique universe. Soon, fans eager for more stories can read the Orville comic from Dark Horse when it debuts in July. The limited series will examine both the emotional relationships shared by the characters and the world of the series’ version of Klingons.

The Orville comic from Dark Horse will only run for four issues, which encompasses two story arcs. The comic will feature the artistic stylings of relative newcomer David Cabeza on pencils and inks. Michael Atiyeh also joins the book as colorist, matching the palette already established by the series. The story comes from David A. Goodman, one of the executive producers on the series. Goodman is a self-proclaimed Star Trek obsessive who wrote for the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise. He first joined MacFarlane as a producer for Family Guy, and he currently serves as the head of the WGA West.

The Orville Comic from Dark Horse Isn’t Ongoing

While many fans would enjoy an ongoing series set in the universe of the show, the Orville comic from Dark Horse is just a miniseries. Goodman’s inclusion as the writer is a benefit for the story, because the characters will “sound” like themselves. Goodman knows how to write for them and tell Orville stories. Yet, because he is a busy man, he doesn’t have time to write the third season of the show and a monthly comic series. It seems that this series is meant to serve as some world-building and connective tissue between the two seasons. Specifically, the addition of new cast member Jessica Szohr after Halston Sage unexpectedly left the show. The first story, focused on crew relationships, will serve to more smoothly tell that story. We’ll see her character’s first introductions to many of the crew, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Still, if Dark Horse’s Orville comic sells well, it’s possible that more limited series or even an ongoing series could happen. There are plenty of stories to tell in this world, including ones perhaps more suited for comics than television. The budgetary concerns for comics are much different than television, so the Orville comic could go bigger or smaller

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