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A Snowpiercer Timeline That Ties Everything Together

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BY February 22, 2021

This spring will see the premiere of Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic thriller. If the title sounds familiar, you’re hopefully remembering the 2013 film of the same name, directed by Bong Joon-ho. Or perhaps you’ve read the french graphic novel by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, Le Transperceneige. Regardless of how you’ve previously consumed the story of the Snowpiercer, you may be curious as to how it all ties together. So, we’ve created a brief timeline of the Snowpiercer world to show you how it’s all connected.

A Snowpiercer Timeline

To recap all of the Snowpiercer content, let’s take a look at what works there are within the story world. The original concept was created by Lob and Rochette, Le Transperceneige, and was published in 1982 by Casterman. It was later translated into English and published by Titan Comics in 2014. These graphic novels continued into multiple volumes, with a conclusion to the series, Terminus, releasing in 2015. A prequel series also released its first volume in 2019.

As mentioned, Snowpiercer, a 2013 film directed by Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho, expanded on the source material. It follows Curtis Everett (Chris Evans) as he begins a revolution against the elite passengers on the titular circumnavigational train. The newest addition to the timeline is the upcoming television series, set to air on TNT in May 2020.

snowpiercer timeline Image via RADiUS-TWC.

The Apocalpyse That Started It All

All of the above-mentioned content, excluding the prequels, begin on the train after the events that created a dystopian world. As explained in the film, an ice-age began in 2014 that destroyed humanity. This ice-age was brought on by climate engineering that was designed to help stop the effects of global warming. Unfortunately, what was intended to save the world ended up killing almost all of it. The Snowpiercer, where the majority of the following stories take place, is a train that’s been designed to sustain life on board. It runs on tracks that surround the globe and should never stop moving.

The Prequels

While the original graphic novels, the film, and the upcoming tv series take place years after the apocalypse, the prequels follow the story closer to the events that caused it all. Snowpiercer The Prequel: Extinction details what happened three months prior to the apocalypse. Another upcoming prequel that has yet to release, Part 2: Apocalpyse, will show the days that follow the extinction event. This will likely tell of the chaos that takes place on the train before a system is worked out. A third prequel, Annihilation, will expand on the time following the extinction event even further.

The Snowpiercer Series

After the events of the prequels, Snowpiercer, the upcoming tv series tells the next part of the story. The show is set seven years after the extinction event, and ahead of the events of both the original graphic novels and the film. The movie alludes to events that had occurred earlier in Curtis’ life, and prior train events, which should fall within this timeline. So, there is a chance that the characters may somehow connect.

snowpiercer timeline Image via TNT.

The Escape

The first volume of the graphic novel, translated into The Escape, takes place at an undisclosed time after the apocalypse. However, based on the timing in the second volume, it’s said to take place prior to the events of the film.

The Snowpiercer Film

The movie takes place 15 years after the apocalypse. The frustrations of passengers at the back of the train inspire them to begin a revolution. They fight their way forward, hoping to reach the front cars and come face-to-face with the conductor, Wilford.

The Explorers

The second volume takes place 17 years after the events of the first. So, depending on when the first volume took place, it’s relatively close to the events of the film.


Terminus, the third volume of the graphic novels, was written as an ending to the series. It takes place shortly after the events of the second volume and provides a definitive ending to the events of the plot.

A Timeline Worth Reading Through To Understand Snowpiercer

The events inside of the Snowpiercer story world are such that you could pick up almost any graphic novel, watch the film, or watch the series, and still enjoy the madness of it all. However, if you want to get the full story of what’s gone on, reading through the timeline from the beginning is another great way to go.

So, are you planning on getting caught up and reading the available content prior to the release of the upcoming series? We hope that our Snowpiercer timeline has helped put the story into perspective. While it’s a vast timeline, there’s plenty of exciting content to keep us interested, including re-watching the snowpiercer series trailer.

Featured image via RADiUS-TWC.

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