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We don’t just recap the best TV and movies starring the genre characters we love. No, we dive deep into the characters and story, and breaking it down for fans or those want to understand why these modern myths are some of our greatest literature.

Life is Strange True Colors Review
Life is Strange True Colors Review

There’s something about the very first Life is Strange that stuck with me. In recent memory, few games left such an impact on me as a gamer and just as a person. It’s a memory I’m […]

September 21, 2021
nba 2k22 gameplay review
NBA 2K22 Gameplay Review

Last week, I took time to seperate things out for 2K’s NBA entry for the year. I highly recommend checking out the NBA 2K22 MyCareer review we posted last week. Now, it’s time to talk […]

September 20, 2021
the amazing american circus review
The Amazing American Circus Review

Everything I know about the circus, I learned from two places. Firstly, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was a staple at the United Center in Chicago when I was a child. I […]

September 18, 2021
cruisn blast review for nintendo switch
Cruis’n Blast Review for Nintendo Switch

I love buying my arcade-style games on the Switch. There’s something about a Nintendo console that just makes these games feel right at home. From rail shooters to racing games, the Switch is my lighthearted […]

September 17, 2021
kate netflix review
Kate Movie Review – Is There Any Substance to This Style?

What would you do if you knew that you only had a day left to live? Most of us would probably want to spend time with our loved ones. Maybe we want to apologize for […]

September 12, 2021
psychonauts 2 review
Psychonauts 2 Review – A Near-Perfect Platformer

Despite pandemic delays and unconventional rollouts, it’s been a good year for games. 2021 brought gems like Resident Evil Village as well as indie gems like Arietta Of Spirits. One thing we haven’t seen yet this year, however, is […]

August 23, 2021
Arietta of spirits review
Arietta Of Spirits Review – A Zelda-Like Game With Plenty of Charm

There’s a good chance you either love or hate top-down Zelda-likes. The craft is certainly reminiscent of the GameBoy Advance era but coming back in a big way. Personally, I adore everything about them. The art […]

August 20, 2021
madden 22 review
Madden 22 Review for Xbox Series X

The return of Madden each year is like a final hurrah for summer. We know with the return of the NFL comes fall, cooler weather, and pumpkin-spiced everything. As someone who loves pumpkin spice as much […]

August 20, 2021
powera charging stand for Xbox
Tech Review: PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox Controllers

There’s nothing worse than losing out on gaming time to a dead controller. It’s a huge reason I abandoned AA batteries for my Xbox controllers long ago. If you’re like me and prefer the rechargeable […]

August 16, 2021
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