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Culture is a reflection of your community, and popular culture tells the story of many communities in real time. We talk about the best (and sometimes the worst) it has to offer, while providing keen insight and analysis about the things that you care most about.

Dr Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Surgeon Supreme, Mark Waid, Marvel Comics
Pop Culture
Dr Strange #1 is a Brilliant New Direction for the Surgeon Supreme

Ever since Doctor Strange came out in cinemas, he’s consistently had a comic series. Both Jason Aaron and Donny Cates did great work on the character, but for the past year or so, Mark Waid’s […]

December 29, 2019
Cats Review
Pop Culture
Cats Review – Everything You’ve Heard Is Right

I should have loved Cats. I’m a fan of musicals and even watched the stage musical that it is based on as a child. I’ve loved Tom Hopper’s previous work. T.S. Eliot, whose poems inspired the play, […]

December 28, 2019
John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch
Pop Culture
Why John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch Is Everything We Need

I often write about how refreshing it can be to watch a movie or show that feels intimate and unique in a time where every other movie seems to be a sequel/reboot/franchise. Oftentimes these pieces […]

December 27, 2019
Video Games as Investments
Pop Culture
Video Games As Investments – Is The Bubble Bursting In 2020?

The gaming community is huge. Inside a single umbrella of people who enjoy or purchase video games, people interact with games for a number of reasons. Some people like to play games, others like to […]

December 25, 2019
Pop Culture
J.J. Abrams Responds To The Rise Of Skywalker Critics

Have you had a chance to watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet? If you’ve seen it, you may have your own thoughts or opinions on the film. And if you haven’t seen it, […]

December 22, 2019
Marvel Comics, Empyre, Incoming, Outlawed, Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski, X-Men, Jonathan Hickman
Pop Culture
Marvel Comics is Building an Empyre…But what is Empyre?

“Empyre: (n) The highest heaven of cosmology; pure light.” Or maybe it’s “Empyre (n) a drug kingpin”—according to the Urban Dictionary. However, for Marvel Comics, Empyre is an upcoming major event shrouded in mystery. In […]

December 18, 2019
Pop Culture
Is Marvel Comics Having a Delay Problem?

There are many reasons for a publisher to delay comics. Usually, it has to do with art demands. When Marvel Comics released Civil War, the last three issues had two-month delay gaps. Take a look […]

December 17, 2019
MoviesPop CultureTV Shows
The 2020 Golden Globe Nominations

Sure, it may be the holiday season. But it’s also officially Awards Season! The time of year where all film critics and casual movie watchers alike place their bets on who will win some important […]

December 10, 2019
YouTube Rewind 2019
Pop Culture
YouTube Rewind 2019 And Why This Year Is Somehow Worse

The YouTube Rewind is a time honored tradition in the internet age. On the one hand, YouTube puts together a video to celebrate the content we loved all year long. On the other hand, the […]

December 7, 2019
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